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**Feel like becoming a Fingernail Fairy Godmother (or Godfather) and surprising a fellow polish addict with a fantastic free polish, but don't know where to start?** **Well, here we are! Random Acts of Polish is our name, and granting polish wishes is our game.**

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2020.10.27 12:43 dangerousgerm Is this seriously an issue

Red flag
I just had to come on here to tell you guys about what happened today with a guy I’ve known for 2 weeks. Everything had been so great and we even got to the point where we admitted that we had strong feelings for each other. We were both very surprised about these feelings but we agreed it was a good thing and we both would like to see where it goes.
Anyway, today he asked me for my Twitter handle. I gave it to him but told him that I don’t tweet, I only retweet or like things.
Soooo I have a current favorite artist I like named bad bunny. He mentioned that he went on my page and saw that I have a good amount of tweets that mention bad bunny and I told him yea a lot of my friends like him too so I always see related tweets on my feed.
He then says “oh I see you really love rappers”. I told him “ I wouldn’t say I really like rappers”. He then sent me a screenshot of a tweet I had liked earlier in the day, the tweet;
does ur heart ever go:
 ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ Bad bunny ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ 
He then said “then why like stuff like this” and I thought he was joking so I told him it was a cute tweet and he then told me “you know what, I’m just going to back off” and I was so confused because I didn’t know if he was being serious or not. 10 minutes later he calls me to ask if I read his text and that he thinks it is so immature that I like and retweet things about this artist. He said he is too grown to be with someone that does immature things like idolizing a man on social media and that the fact that I take time and energy out of my day to post about how much I like this man. I was honestly so in shock that he was telling me all this over a tweet I SIMPLY LIKED. He said that he thought it was disrespectful and immature to like things about me loving another man while I know I’m talking to someone and trying to be with them. I was like are you serious?? It’s a TWEET. It literally means nothing and he told me that if I love him so much why don’t I message the artist....
this is a grown 24 year old man telling me I AM THE IMMATURE ONE. I am honestly so disappointed. Tbh I knew it was too good to be true. I was like no way he is this nice and cute and single....
He was accusing me of gaslighting because I told him it’s ridiculous to be upset over a tweet I liked. He even called me obsessed over this artist.... like dude it’s not like I have a stan account or a profile pic of him. He’s really just my favorite artist that I like tweets about.... like there’s so many other things I like and retweet. Over rant over!!!!
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2020.10.27 12:42 TheFeistyFox [Thank You] lots of mail on this rainy day!

Thanks for all these cards I got today!
u/M0NK3YKLNG Thanks for the "Walking through Singapore" postcard. Everything you suggested sounds really fascinating - the shopping centres and the pinnacle! I love going somewhere where I can get a view on the city from above :) I hope I can visit Singapore some day! Is the photo on the postcard one that you took?
u/mareepharos Thanks for the black cat card, the spooky poem and the congratulations on 500 Thank Yous :) I love the poem you chose. I don't think it sounds too creepy, but rather like a serene and silent old house at night! I think abandoned buildings are fascinating! I hope you have a happy Halloween!
u/koanbe Thanks for this handmade mini card from "right next door" basically :) I love how you used the stickers and that they peek "outside" of the card! It's great that you have so many forests where you live.
u/pozzledC Thanks for this nature-themed card. I love how you made an abstract background and then used stickers to create a landscape! Are sycamores the trees with the spotty, multicoloured bark? I think I've seen similar ones in Vienna!
u/welshfancy Thanks for the fox-themed card! What kind of stamps are those leaf-shaped stamps you used inside the card? I'm also very fascinated by the texture of the fox sticker on the front. It reminds me a bit of those window colours we used to draw with as kids. I also love the autumn washi! Everyone on this sub has such nice washi tape!
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2020.10.27 12:42 No-Associate9473 Games for my PC. Not 2d games.

Can you suggest me some good games for my shitty pc. I don't prefer 2d games. Love fps games. My specs are i3 5005u, 4gb ram and intel hd 5500.
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2020.10.27 12:42 Weltybread I love drawing hands like this

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2020.10.27 12:42 Affectionate_Tiger52 Australian Servers??

So I’m thinking of getting the definitive edition. Loved BF1 and play it almost every day. Heard there are lots of players for BFV but only problem is I live in Australia and from experience in BF1 there are not many servers. Can anyone tell me if there are any servers in Australia?
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2020.10.27 12:42 qwerty91210 Today I found out...

Today I found out that my ex cheated as well during our relationship. Our relationship ended because she found out that I was emotionally cheating with a close friend of mine (she found texts of us flirting and my friend also showed her everything out of jealousy). It was such a mess but is it odd that I finally feel guilt free because the very thing that she made me feel guilty about, she did as well? Now her and this new fling are together( a guy, she’s bi), and I oddly don’t want her back anymore like I once did. I don’t even see a future with her anymore, and oddly enough I don’t love her anymore. Before today, I felt a lot for her but now I don’t feel anything for her. Not sure how this happened.
For context: My ex and I were really close and we heavily depended on each other emotionally. The break up was HARD and it finally resulted in her not wanting to speak to me because it hurt her so badly. But now looking back, why didn’t she just fess up to her own infidelity as well? Odd.
After finding this out today, I cried for a brief moment but then I felt nothing, I finally felt free and felt detached. I also sent her a message telling her that I knew and that I’m glad I found out, I also thanked her because it freed me from my guilt and told her that we shouldn’t ever speak again lol. Is all of this odd? Has anyone else had a similar experience or any insight?
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2020.10.27 12:42 maddy2904 [LF] Lily, Frita, Sly, Wendy, Piper, Ruby, Pate [FT] bells, anything but NMT

So I’m restructuring my island and these are the villagers I’ll be looking for. If I end up unsuccessful, I’d love to take one of these cuties off your hands for a reasonable price. Won’t have NMT up until then but I have a decent amount of bells. I am sure we can work something out
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2020.10.27 12:42 flowaking I'm the sextape creator

hey guys i'm the guy who made the sextape with kaley. First of all she is the worst one I ever met in my life. She suck like a goat and doesnt move well. Tbh it was soso maybe 3/10 ... real deception. Oh and take care I dont know nothing about her scam life BUT she always need money money and money. Always a reason and this is why she never have a real love life. She need a sugar daddy final point.
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2020.10.27 12:42 Chrissy_starr AITA for telling people they aren't welcome at my wedding?

So more wedding drama, my fiance m24 and I F22 are getting married November next year. I love him completely and he's the most amazing man I've ever met with the most beautiful family and I'm so happy to become his wife and to live the rest of our lives together however I am a Christian and he is not. He's agnostic where as I am a Christian from a non Christian family who came to the Lord at 17
The issue comes from the fact that we have different belief systems. I don't care nor does my fiance. We respect eachother and the opinion that person has. He knows I love God, I know he doesn't know what he believes in. He has come to church with me in the past but I don't pressure him to. He is welcome but if he doesn't want to cool.
A lot of my social circle is Christian, from my friendship groups at uni as part of the Christian organisation, from my church, from my old youth group and from camps and conferences. Not all my Christian friends have been awful but the vast majority have not been the best. I have had friends tell me to break up with him, which was bad enough when we were dating but it's really sad now we're engaged. I've had people tell me I won't be happy. I have been cut from events, I've been told not to serve at Christian organisations. I've been told that I'm not to show in any leadership role which was really hard and I remember crying a lot.
My fiance has been super amazing reminding me of my non Christian friends and telling me I'm worth more then my identity in the church. His friends have been mostly amazing as well, which my Christian friends don't like because some are same sex attracted but I honestly don't care, what they do is there choice and shouldn't be to the judgement of others.
I've started telling my friends I don't appreciate their input if all they are going to do is tell me to end things with my fiance. I've made my choice to marry him and if they don't respect that I don't want them at our wedding. Especially as they show the fiance no respect at all. Some have tried to change their tune and say they support me and will be there for me but don't support my actions. So I've told them I don't want them their, fiance says it's my choice
AITA for telling my friends they aren't invited to our wedding?
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2020.10.27 12:41 sickykittyginger How did you start understanding what attraction feels like and get comfortable enough to date?

I came out a few weeks ago. I'm still struggling to image myself sexually with a woman and even wondering if I'll ever feel like being with anyone again. I used to fantasize about guys all the time (but ofcourse hated the reality) but I don't know what to fantasize about anymore. I don't know what a relationship might look like. Im still figuring out what attraction feels like- how will I be able to fall in love if I don't know what attraction feels like? I used to fixate on different parts of guys, but with women I think.its just rarer that I see someone I like maybe?
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2020.10.27 12:41 noamovich Bringing John Vervaeke cognitive scientist

John Vervaeke is a life changing lecturer. I really recommend his 'Awakening from the Meaning Crisis' series on youtube. Anyone else would love to have him on the podcast.
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2020.10.27 12:41 Gaspark ChainStone Carpet Mod

Ok so- I watched this video by gnembon where they shows a carpet mod where chains stick to other blocks and pulls them when using a sticky piston. I'm really curious of your opinions about this. Of course, I'll be telling mine as well <3
Chains are a really cheap block, at it's a lot better than slimeblock/honeyblocks in some situations with the chainstone mod. It only sticks in two sides, making it specially useful in a lot of contraptions. To get honey blocks you'll need to find bees and harvest their honey, a recent add into the game, a really interesting one. Plus it's a good beggining way to get some sticky blocks to work in some contraptions. And getting a farm of honey and slime makes the player viable to get some more complicated contramptions. It's a really cool line to get the redstone resources.
But with chains, looks like it really breaks the beggining of this "line" with a REALLY cheap block. I really like the chainstone idea, but I think it should be used with another (Maybe new?) block, as expensive as honey blocks at least. Although in the aesthetic view of things, I LOVE chains into this stuf... But, what's your opinion? This will be really cool to debate a little bit <3
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2020.10.27 12:40 cookiedoughsmama He was messaging other girls in the beginning of our relationship

Hello all!
I am not sure if this belongs here and I guess I am a little lost. I never thought I would be here, honestly. I (25F) have been with my boyfriend (25M) for three years now. I thought we were happy, he’s my first relationship. I am not his, and actually that’s where all this started.
He was in a very abusive relationship, one where he was physically and mentally abused. He’s disclosed to me a couple of times the things that happened, and I recognize the relationship was not good.
On to the issue, when we first started dating I should have known he still wasn’t over the ex. He swore up and down that he was, so I decided to continue. I feel that if I even suspected he wasn’t, I wouldn’t have. Today, I decided that I was going to look at some pictures on his phone, since he had given me his phone during a picnic to take pictures of the park we were in. Note, he has always been very secretive of his phone. It is something that I have argued with him in the past about and he has slightly adjusted that, however he still has a darkened screen protector. God I sound so dumb typing this...
I decided to take a peek at his Instagram. There I found a conversation I found between him and a bartender that he had casually mentioned he had gone on a date once. He was the one who had initiated the conversation, and exchanged numbers with her. After that, there was nothing else. There was an overall flirty undertone in the messages. Of course, I was devastated. I looked for anything else, but it looked like that was it. So I immediately texted him because he was at work, and he rushed home to “explain”.
He initially said that he didn’t remember, and that that had happened so long ago. The timeframe was only 5 months in our relationship. He said he thought she was “cool” and he wanted to be her friend. I let him know that he once told me a guy always had other intentions when attempting to befriend a girl. He then said that it was insecurity that stemmed from the abusive relationship, and admitted that he wasn’t as committed to me in the beginning. I told him to let me know if there was anything else. He said once at a party, one of his mates friends was trying to pressure him to sleep with a girl who apparently he had been flirty with. He says supposedly he didn’t sleep with her (when I asked him once about her, he lied to me and said she was gay). Then said supposedly an old childhood friend who he dated in middle school occasionally messages him.
He admits that he is no longer this type of person. Him and I have had issues with his honesty in the past, in terms of lying about his chores, small things like that. I love him a lot, but I feel that I should take this seriously. We had a serious talk last night that was good for me then, but now I keep getting faced with the most-likely possibility that he has been unfaithful. He validated my emotions, and said that what I was feeling was correct and that I had every right to be upset.
Any input is greatly appreciated.
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2020.10.27 12:40 Blue-Corn Where do you draw the line when it comes to kit-bashing/conversions/third party models?

Before anyone starts yelling “GATE KEEPER”, hear me out. I’ve been playing 40k for more than 20 years (off and on). I’ve also lived in quite a few different places due to the military moving me around. I’ve met a lot of amazing players and modelers over that time. I’ve also met a lot of people who just don’t care. I get that. I’ll be the first to admit that I get kind of fanatical about my models. I also love the idea of kit bashing and third party to make things your own. But for a random pickup game, where do you draw the line? How about for a local tournament? Are you hard WYSIWYG? Do you stretch a bit for someone trying out a different unit? Will you play against an all gray plastic army? Does it depend on the age/experience of the player? I’m curious what the lot of you prefer? I’m a big fan of just putting forth the effort. Of course new guys get a lot of wiggle room. Same with someone who is just looking to try out a new unit. For a friendly game if you want to use a model of similar size and it’s just a unit of two (a terminator as Calgar, for example) I’m fine with that. Maybe mark that one specifically to make it stand out from the others (I’m a big fan of a piece of painters tape or a colored rubber band). Orks get a lot of leeway as well just by the nature of their army. Converted x-wing model with ork glyphs and a propeller on the front? Hell yea. Get in here. The effort is there and that’s pretty damn cool. You’re plopping down a straight x-wing with the wrong base and want to use it as a guard thunderbolt? Meh. Mechanicus player using a couple Necron models for infantry he hasn’t got yet? Fine (they look similar to me anyway). Marine player using some Star Wars models for eleminators, a leman russ for a executioner, and an old eldar tank for a landspeeder? That’s a bit more to keep track of than I like. So where do you fall on all this?
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2020.10.27 12:40 herrgruenlich I think you might love the black stranger as much as I do.

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2020.10.27 12:40 LewyGSB How am I doing so far ? 1st verse written to a drill beat... so different to what I'm used to. Definitely picking up the pace... SkatterBrain SB. Please like or comment on the FB page. Sharing anything you find that you like would be a blessing too. Peace n love.

How am I doing so far ? 1st verse written to a drill beat... so different to what I'm used to. Definitely picking up the pace... SkatterBrain SB. Please like or comment on the FB page. Sharing anything you find that you like would be a blessing too. Peace n love. submitted by LewyGSB to UKraps [link] [comments]

2020.10.27 12:40 byeviola After so long I finally realized what could be the issue..early ovulation! Desperately looking for others who know of this and if it needs intervention.

Hi lovely group. Through charting and OPK tests, the past few months I am realizing that I ovulate around day 9-10 of my cycle. I know that is early and my CM is never there for my ovulation so I think that’s the issue w getting pregnant. Does anyone else have this ? Are there home remedies or do I need to make an appointment? Would be super thankful for any experience w this. Sending lots of baby vibes to all of us
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2020.10.27 12:40 CO_TwentyTwentyThree I hate myself

I fucking hate myself. I wish I could be a harder worker. I hate my work ethic. I don’t know if I was just born with it or not, but I have a bad work ethic.
I go to the University of Texas Austin. I wish I had worked harder in high school. My mother went to the University of Chicago (ranked 3rd rn) and my father and older brother went to Harvard.
I didn’t get into Harvard because I was lazy in high school. I’m still lazy now and I am addicted to drugs and alcohol (I’m drunk right now).
I guess the only positive is that I’ll get 200k more in inheritance due to the cheaper cost of my school (I got a merit scholarship).
My dream school was Princeton, but I wasn’t good enough to get in. I want to kill my self because of my work ethic. I literally illegally import prescription stimulants from India so I can spend all nighters studying in the library.
I was doing so well in college until covid derailed everything. I’m such an extrovert. I cannot survive without social interaction. I’ve spent $2k+ in alcohol in 2020 (I’m 19; fake ID). I drank most of it alone.
I went to a range to blow off steam and was so tempted to just point it to my head. I kept looking at the supervisor, just wishing for the courage to point it at my head. Sure it would be 30 seconds of misery, but then nothing afterward.
My brother has a really nice FAANG job, and I want to point it at my head one day because I know just can never live up to my parents expectations no matter how much they claim to love me “no matter where I go.”
I dunno why I posted this. I just want someone to tell me it’s all going to be okay, but I dunno why life is worth living when death would alleviate all my bad feelings.
You can’t even tell me it’s okay because you would hate me in real life. I’m too greedy. I’m interning at a hedge fund right now and am trying to work at one full time, so I know you Redditors would hate me and wish I would die.
I can’t take being hated so much more. Growing up as an Asian in Texas, I’ve faced so much racism, so I’m used to being hated. I spent a year in high school in Europe where I faced a lot of “American” jokes, so I’m used to being hated. I’ve takes classes with a lot of pro occupy kids, so I’m used to being hated. I didn’t go to HYPW, so I’m used to being hated.
I’m just so lost these days and booze and drugs are the only way I can survive.
I take so much comfort in knowing that it will all he over one day.
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2020.10.27 12:40 ShiningBlackKnight The Shining Guide to Among us


I've been waiting quite a while to get to 100karma in order to post here a really big guide to share and help at least some of the people out there that are still either new or feel they need extra edge in the game. This guide will cover a lot of the basic and advanced techniques I discovered after 200h and counting, of this game. Please note that I will be talking about 2 imposters in Skeld map however this most of the time if not always apply to different maps or different amount of imposters.

Understanding the basic concept

The game is rather simple. When you think about it, there's not much depth to it. There's 2 teams in this game. There's the imposter team, and there's the crewmate team.
Their task is simple but hard to execute. Kill crewmates so this condition can be met: The amount of imposters = The amount of crewmates left, Sabotage the ship. You can win by either sabotaging the ship timer gets to zero (Usually reactor or oxygen, depending on the map), Or by meeting the condition stated above. Killing doesn't always mean you have to actually kill them. Throwing the wrong person out counts as a kill for you, and that's why you should consider maybe it's worth to wait and let the crewmates go paranoid killing each other.
Their task looks hard but after some practice you can get really good at it. Now I'm not going to cover how to do each task. That you should do in Freeplay mode. It's a great mode to get your feet in the water without getting burned. Crewmates task is either to finish all the tasks, or vote all imposters BEFORE the imposters win. That's why it's crucial to understand that sometimes you have to take a bet because if the imposters are closer to win than you are, you better try and slow them down and or finish them instead of trying to race them. I will explain this later.

Understanding the key settings of the game

When you make a lobby, there's a bunch of things you can change as settings. If you join other people game you should always look on the game settings you are currently playing on. Deciding whether you like these settings or not is up to you, but always read them before starting to play, if the hosts start, you can ask about the settings mid game.
Visual tasks - probably the most crucial setting after map and number of imposters.
This setting is very crucial to know, and know well. There's two settings, either ON, or OFF. Certain tasks have visual on them, I'll give some examples but they change between map to map, so you will have to figure that one out for yourself or find some more info online on the specific map. On Skeld for example you can find Shields(which light up), Cannons inside weapons(Which shoot the astroids), Medscan(Which does this scan thingy on a person) And finally garbage chute(Which throws garbage when you get to the storage part). Since the imposters cannot do any tasks besides fixing sabotage, which you can also it marks you as safe if people see you do it though.
Basic tip - Imposters can fix their own sabotage, so don't think just because someone fixed the lights or fixed o2 they are safe.
Quick note - ALWAYS know the names of areas you're going to/entering. Or basically learn the map. It takes some time but it will pay off, big time.
On - When this setting is on, It means other crewmates can see the animation of you doing the tasks. For example, the medscan has this green grid that's running across you. Other people may see it. Including imposters. This is usually a good settings for beginners. However keep in mind it makes it really hard for imposters to win since crew starts to narrowing down the options of who is the imposter.
Off - The ideal option for me personally, This means you only can see the animation, no one else can. This doesn't mean you don't get those tasks, it just means no one can confirm it's not you.
Pro tip - If 2 of you have medscan, you can confirm each other because that's the only task that even when visuals are off can be confirmed(It says waiting for the scan to finish which proves it's not you, imposters watch out if you fake scan and someone comes in and try to scan while you're on it, they will find you faked a task). However no one else can see the waiting for so imposters may use it to actually manipulate you into thinking it's not them(2 imps or more.)
Confirm ejects
This setting is rather simple. If you noticed, when you throw someone out it tells you if they were an impostor or not. Well guess what, now you can turn it off making the "throw him if not him then me" absolute nothing. This in my opinion best played with a group of people you already know, and need an extra spice to the game. I personally do not recommend it for public servers at all. Also this setting only matters with 2 imposters or above.
On - This is what you expect, you see if they were the imposters AND how many imposters are left.
Off- This makes sure you'll never know if you voted out an impostor or not.... Or will it? check the tip bellow.
Pro tip - You can kind of know if you threw the right person. Especially when you're low on numbers. If you remember I said Imposters in order to win need that amount of crew = amount of imposters, Well if you're 4 left and the game didn't end it means one of the ones that are dead was the impostor. And if you find every single body... then you can confirm who it is which might help you win the round.
Player speed factor
Okay this one is a bit of a mixed, but I want to put the recommended setting which is x1.25. The faster you are, the more likely you're to get to the o2 or reactor sections in time. The slower you are the less likely you are to get in time. This is crucial because sometimes the imposters will win by o2 and not killing. Keep in mind that faster speed may also effect how the imposters are running from the area. Which is why I really recommend the 1.25x making it fast enough to reach reactoo2 with 4 players but 3 might struggle.

Advanced tips and settings to look out for

This is most crucial for imposters and crewmates alike - common tasks.
What is common task? common tasks is a specific task(s) that everyone have. If this setting is on 1 you have to be on the look out. There can be only either swipe card OR wires. Not both (That is unless the setting is on 2, in which case you will have both). If the setting is zero you will not have wires OR card at all. This is why the first thing you should do when starting a game is look for what tasks you have. Both as crewmate and as Imposter.
Crewmate side - If you're a crewmate, and let's say you looked on your tasks and you see you have wires. And you go into admin forwhatever reason and you see someone standing near the swipe card task. You should really watch out because he's most likely an imposter. Which you can report later on if you're sure.
Imposter side - If you're imposter, make sure you never do the wrong common task. It's actually rather simple, if you follow your "fake tasks list", you can be certain you won't be caught. However watch out for the green bar.
Look at your surroundings - YES ALSO when doing a task.
Rule of thumb: tasks can wait, if you're suspecting of someone then look what he's doing. Basic tip - The green bar rising each time a task IS COMPLETE. That means if the task has stages, you can't just throw someone out because he only did half stage. Pro tip - Some of the tasks for example calibrate power or download have a either known starting point or ending point. That means that if you see someone uploading(admin) straight on the beginning of the game it means he's faking the task.
Sometimes the safe route is the right route to victory
I know, you want to find the imposters as soon as possible, I know someone looks very suspicious and you just want to vote them already. But think about what if it's not them? Then what? you lost a member. That's why when you see someone eager to throw someone else, be on the lookout he might be an imposter since he doesn't care about throwing them out.
Imposters that applies to you too, sometimes earning someone trust is more worth than killing. Since you're low on numbers, you should always consider before you kill. And always consider who to kill, those that suspect you is a good start. But maybe you can earn their trust and fool them instead. Killing those who are known by others that they are safe is a very good move for the imposters. It's like getting a free kill on someone. It doesn't narrow the options while you get a kill.
Here's a final pro tip for this section, if you think someone is suspect but you aren't sure, let others know you are following them to confirm it's not you. That way if you die they will know, it's better to sacrifice yourself for the team than losing more teammates without knowing who it is. And besides, who knows you might be on to the imposter before he even gets to kill you, voting him out AND keeping others alive by not doing a throw mistake if he wasn't it.
One final big tip before I go to conclusion: It's very important to understand that with 6 players alive while 2 are imposters, they just need 2 more kills to win. That means each imposter(or they can pair up for double kill which is devastating) need only one more kill and they win. At which point it's nearly a must to vote situation even if it's a bet. When 5 are alive with 2 imposters left it's A MUST TO VOTE. Skipping is wrong and if someone says skip it means they are the imposter. Same applies when there's 3 people alive while one of them is imposter, it's A MUST VOTE. That also means it's very dangerous to get down to 3 without being able to vote.

Community "rules"

It's not really rules. But if you want to make sure everyone is having fun, you'd rather follow these rules as they are really might be ruining the game.
1- Don't leave midgame NOR START OF THE GAME, unless your body was found or you was an imposter. But even then you still have effects on the game.
2- Do not cheat, by cheating I don't always mean hacking. I mean also bringing a friend with you so you two "cooperate" even though one of you are imposter. This is not fun and it's ruining it. Don't spoil the fun, if someone catches you, don't ruin the cover of the other imposter. EVEN if he sells you out, it's just not nice.
3- If you could avoid trolling, I'm sure everyone will appreciate it.


I know this guide is long and might not cover some more stuff. I plan on editing this post and updating it. I would love to hear your opinions though about the post. And most important have fun!
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2020.10.27 12:40 LewyGSB How am I doing so far ? 1st verse written to a drill beat... so different to what I'm used to. Definitely picking up the pace... SkatterBrain SB. Please like or comment on the FB page. Sharing anything you find that you like would be a blessing too. Peace n love.

How am I doing so far ? 1st verse written to a drill beat... so different to what I'm used to. Definitely picking up the pace... SkatterBrain SB. Please like or comment on the FB page. Sharing anything you find that you like would be a blessing too. Peace n love. submitted by LewyGSB to independentmusic [link] [comments]

2020.10.27 12:40 shortys94 Garmin Forerunner 245 Music not pairing with phone anymore

Hey guys
I've had the Forerunner 245 Music for a few months now, love it, but it hasn't paired with my phone and garmin connect the last few weeks. I've tried resetting phone and watch and unpairing a couple weeks ago, now the pairing is never successful and never shows up on garmin connect. See image below of error.
Has anyone found a solution to this? I've tried emailing Garmin but no response.
It's very annoying as I quite liked looking at my activities etc each week using connect and now it seems a bit useless having the smartwatch aspect if I can't use it. Software is up to date and so is app.
Any help would be great, have a few weeks of data I want to see!
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2020.10.27 12:40 biblebytes Psalm 120:1-2; Prayer for Deliverance from Slander and Deceit.

Psalm 120:1-2; Prayer for Deliverance from Slander and Deceit.
Breakfast Bible Bytes -- A moment with our Creator
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Psalm 120:1-2; Prayer for Deliverance from Slander and Deceit.
A song of degrees, This is the first of fifteen psalms (Psalm 120-134) designated by that name, rendered as ““A song of degrees.” Four of these psalms are ascribed to David, one of them to Solomon, and the rest are by unknown authors. Most probably the title refers to the ascents, as the pilgrims were ascending, (going up)to Jerusalem in three of the annual journeys; although, it is impossible now to determine with any degree of certainty what is the true meaning of the title, or why it was given to these psalms. Each of the passages or verses builds on this theme in thought and form. It is also possible that there was something special in the “scale” of the music to which these psalms were sung, though that is now lost to us. One final thought about the title for this group of 15 Psalms is that since the Spirit of God is the real composer and they are directed and preserved by Him for the use and the edification of His Church in both the here and now and to an unending time in our future.
Compilers note: keep in mind that the writer, all the while acknowledging God’s mercy, he is still praying for relief from a slanderous foe. [Psalm 88] The plea originates from a particular sufferer who calls earnestly upon the Lord for deliverance.
Ballad and songs have a resounding encouragement to the soul, preserving its stalwart hope against even the most egregious dangers. This is most easily demonstrated among our very own hymns and the ballads “The Battle Hymn of the Republic” or “The Ballad of Davy Crocket.”
The author of the psalm represents himself as a good man. During the course of this psalm, He prays expectantly, and our Lord answers his prayer. In the final verse, he says that even though his neighbor clamors for war, he was focused on peace. The divergent views and values of some uncontrolled, evil natured neighbors perhaps opened the door that led to the slandering tongues and querulous tempers.
Psalm 120:1-2 “In my trouble, I cried to the LORD, And He answered me.” In my distress, I cried unto the LORD, and he heard me.” 2 Deliver my soul, O LORD, from lying lips, From a deceitful tongue.
The Psalmist professes his own innocence of the slanderous act imposed falsely against him, as he implores his Lord to deliver him from a malicious tongue. Slander is a pernicious evil that can be as simple as expressing it in body language by a rolling of the eyes, a smile, or a shrug. The honesty or integrity of a person can be quickly, inadvertently, or subtly disposed of through body language that impugns the reputation by a distrustful look.
The Psalmist speaks of slanderous tongues as if they were sharp arrows or tiny sparks able to set a huge forest on fire. This part of humanities inherited, fallen nature, is weak and easily influenced by the minions of the darkness manifesting characteristics such as a critical spirit, a quarrelsome, and feisty person that quickly anneals to group-thinking of any and all ideology espoused by the mob. It is always disgraceful to follow the example of a wicked person. As every astute person knows, Satan is the most wicked entity in this world, for he is "the father of lies." Jesus tells us about this in John 8:43-47 when He addressed a group of religious folks. "Why do you not understand what I am saying? It is because you cannot hear My word. 44 "You are of your father the devil, and you want to do the desires of your father. He was a murderer from the beginning and does not stand in the truth because there is no truth in him. Whenever he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own nature, for he is a liar and the father of lies. 45 "But because I speak the truth, you do not believe Me. 46 "Which one of you convicts Me of sin? If I speak truth, why do you not believe Me? 47 "He who is of God hears the words of God; for this reason, you do not hear them, because you are not of God." (NASB)
When we tell lies, we prove ourselves to be the children of Satan. And there is no greater disgrace in this world than to be allied to this demonic entity or his willing minions, thereby proving our relationship and loyalty to the Prince of Darkness, and that we are not only liars but also the children of Satan; and remain his willing servants. Satan's work is that of the chief deceiver and the father of lies, so when we engage in lying, we let our hearts become Satan's workshop.
Nothing unbalances’ a society more than a charismatic person with a spirit of strife and contention, or unsettles it more than some far-reaching teaching of a denunciatory preacher where the effects of sin on the human heart has impacted a nature-filled with the love of truth and inclines the deceived toward self-gratifying lies.
Compiler’s note: In America, we have recently witnessed the denigration of a godly man by innuendo, slander, and skillful misdirection, but God will deliver the victory to the victim and will, in the end, render suitable judgment to the minions of Satan.
We read about this in Proverbs 12:22 Lying lips are an abomination to the LORD, But those who deal faithfully are His delight. (NASB)
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