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New vinyl records will be released - Update!

2020.09.23 22:13 minipilen New vinyl records will be released - Update!

New vinyl records will be released - Update!
In a previous post, I shared my experience I had from a phone call with Universal Music in Sweden to find out why 'Stories' is not available in any record store and inform that it has become an expensive rarity. Original post can be found here:
To do a quick recap, I called the front-desk and asked to speak with someone that works with the production of vinyls and records and I got patched to a guy in the production team. He did not work with the Avicii brand directly but his colleague did. During that phone call he revealed that we can expect two releases, one bigger and one smaller but I did not get a date nor any details on what type of release it would be (new music or a "greatest hits"). Understandably some people were doubting the truth in this statement since I could just be a trickster wanting attention. So I emailed the Senior Production Manager at Universal (the phone guy's boss) so I could get a written statement. Since the phone guy did not have any contact details posted online.
Details can be found here:
That manager has now come back with an answer that is not as detailed as 'phone guy' but still something worth posting. I think 'phone guy' revelead a little too much than what he was supposed to.
It's in Swedish but I will make my own translation and post the orignal message so you can Google Translate if you wish:
Hello OP
Thank you for showing an interest!
We are currently reviewing the Avicii catalog but it can be delayed until next year before anything get's released. There are currently long manufacturing times for vinyls.
Have a nice weekend!
Senior Production Manager
Hej OP,
Tack för visat intresse!
Vi håller på att se över Avicii katalogen men det kan dröja in i nästa år innan något kommer. Det är långa tillverkningstider för vinyl just nu.
Trevlig helg!
Senior Production Manager
Again this statement does not give any details but they are working on something. I tried to get more information but he has stopped replying. It seems this will be the best that we get. Do what you want with that information.
Attached image from his email.
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2019.08.03 10:31 heppypenkcake Me (31m) the girl im dating (31f) just broke up with me. Do i still have a chance based on this behaviour?

Hey. I have known this girl since 2015, but we only started dating in march this year. We have spent the bulk of the last five months basically living together.
She messaged me at 2am today saying 'we should talk'. She has been a little off the past couple of days due to her medication so I was a bit scared.
She said she cant see us together in the future, even though she wants to. She also said that she loves me.
The thing i am confused about is the fact that she doesnt want 'no contact'. She wants to keep talking, and everything i see online means this implies i have a chance.
Since she called me, i have been walking around aimlessly för 8.5 hours. Covered a bit of distance, just thinking.
She wants to call this morning and talk, surely you dont do that if it is truly över? She clearly still cares about me and loves me. She spent two hours talking to me this morning.
She has just literally been my life för the past five months. 24 hours a day with one another. I wish she did it to my face as I deserve that, but yeah
Tl;dr: did i ruin my chance with her or do i still have one?
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2018.03.04 16:13 mondasomaar Oscarsgalan 2018 Live Stream På nätet In Sverige gratis

Oscarsgalan 2018 Live Stream På nätet In Sverige gratis Oscarsgalan 2018 Live Stream direkt tv gratis på nätet online gratis tv canal 4 Mars 2018 Live™ Online""Oscarsgalan 2018 Live Stream direct tv gratis på nätet ... ~/^/[email protected]”Oscarsgalan 2018 Live Stream direct tv gratis på nätet ... för 1 dag sedan When? Date: Thursday 01 March 2018 Time: 12 oclock Where? Location: new york Street: new york 2 Zip and city: usa Info Watch the Oscars 2018 live stream and red carpet coverage Sunday February 26th for the ultimate online viewing experience! Customers with a DirecTV subscription in the. Watch The ... Oscarsgalan 2018 Live Stream direct tv gratis på nätet - Friendster KANALTV: 90:e Oscarsgalan 2018 Live Stream direkt tv gratis på nätet 3 days ago - When? Date: Thursday, 01. March 2018. Time: 12 o'clock. Where? Location: new york. Street: new york 2. Zip and city: usa. Info. Watch the Oscars 2018 live stream and red carpet coverage Sunday February 26th for the ultimate online viewing experience! Customers with a DirecTV subscription in the ... @@[email protected]@@Oscarsgalan 2018 Live Stream direct tv ... 12 hours ago - Watch the Oscars 2018 live stream and red carpet coverage Sunday February 26th for the ultimate online viewing experience! @@[email protected]@@Oscarsgalan 2018 Live Stream direct tv gratis ssitesgooglesitelivestreamoscarsgalan2 för 2 dagar sedan för 1 dag sedan When? Date Thursday 01 March ... LIVE###Oscarsgalan 2018 Live Stream direkt tv gratis på nätet ... [[%~Live~%]]Oscarsgalan 2018 Live Stream direct tv gratis på nätet 12 hours ago - Oscarsgalan 2018 Live Stream direct tv gratis på nätet Friendster fDate Thursday 01 March 2018 Time 12 o'clock Where? Location new york Street new york 2 Zip and city usa Info Watch the Oscars ... Oscarsgalan 2018 live stream direkt tv gratis på nätet - Facebook
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2017.12.04 00:21 autotldr Women in Japan too tired to care about dating

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 69%. (I'm a bot)
While Japanese society and the media continue to exhort - nay plead - with women to find marriage partners, an astonishing 60 percent of eligible women say they are uninterested in renai, according to online dating advice service cocoloni.
As sad as it sounds, the nation's women appear to have joined the ranks of men as overworked employees, too drained from the daily grind.
Have Japanese women given up on love? A cautious "Yes, sort of" seems to be the answer.
Although few women have the time or inclination for the rollercoaster ride of love relationships, a whopping 80 percent told cocoloni.
Lovely Media, another online dating site, says that a growing number of women are reluctant to "Waste time" on "Dating that leads nowhere." These women are eyeing childbirth - the longer they play the field, the higher the risks when it comes to pregnancy.
Shorter working hours, guaranteed maternity and paternity leaves, and a less forbidding atmosphere will go a long way in getting women to think about love.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: women#1 marriage#2 Love#3 date#4 percent#5
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2016.10.15 02:19 only_glutathione Mina åsikter från vad jag har läst, sett och lyssnat på den senaste tiden.

De två senaste åren har jag precis som så många andra på internet läst och lyssnat mycket på saker som händer i Sverige, som inte pratas om förrän det inte längre går att undvika. Men också diverse saker som har varit helt tyst om under hela min uppväxt. De föll nästan som dominobrickor, det ena ämnet ledde till det andra och förstärkte min övertygelse i de föregående.
Börja med dagens och senare års samhälliga och politiska situation. Migrationskrisen, eller flyktingkrisen som det kallas i nyspråk.
I början pratades det om att vi behövde invandring för att klara av att betala pensioner o.s.v. Vi var nära en exakt ersättning, med reproduktionsnivå på ett barn per person, vilket vi fortfarande är. Mer om reproduktionsnivå senare.
Det skulle vara en vinst för Sverige, det var ett kompetensregn och om man var emot invandring fanns det bara en anledning kvar, för allt annat var positivt! Man var rasist, nazist eller främlingsfientlig.
Men sedan lade man märke till SD och undrade vad de tyckte. Deras argument var inte uppenbart rasistiska i min mening, så trotsig som jag är ville jag argumentera deras ståndpunkt i min vardag tills jag får en annan uppfattning. Tino hade de bästa argumenten emot invandring enligt mig.
På den tiden hade epitet som nazist och rasist fortfarande vikt, så jag undersökte vad det innebar. Skolan hade som vanligt gjort ett dåligt jobb på att framföra en balanserad bild. Vart ordet kom ifrån, nationalsocialism hade inte pratats om. Inte heller mycket om situationen i Tyskland innan arbetarpartiet demokratiskt fick makten. Ett fullständigt enormt fokus hade såklart lagts på förintelselägren och antisemitismen. Det är helt enkelt inte intressant. Där finns ingen konflikt. Det är självklart att man fördömer det om man inte är en genuin antisemit, vilket inte många från västvärlden är.
Det intressanta är hur det var ett världskrig, ett ideologiskt krig, ett fruktansvärt krig med flera krigsbrott. Det byggde dessutom på spänningar från ett tidigare världskrig. Det var ett ENORMT komplext krig på grund av hur många länder som var med och alla olika motiv.
Diskussionen runt allt annat än antisemitismen har liksom tystats ner. Om man inte tycker att de allierade gjorde allt rätt och var perfekta hjältar och stoiska beskyddare av rättvisa, så har man fel och är en apologist, en nazist och därför en antisemit som vill massmörda judar.
Man bortser helt från att Tyskland gick från en legendarisk lågkonjunktur till att bli en stormakt på ett par decennier, med flera infrastrukturer som står kvar idag, t.ex. autobahn. Att ryssland svälte sitt folk till den grad att kannibalism blev vanligt, för att producera en armada av pansarvagnar. Att dödssiffran i koncentrationslägren har skrivits ner flera gånger.
Ingen faktisk kritik förs emot nationalsocialism, utan det beblandas med den version av etnontaionalism som Hitler förespråkade. Där etnonationen var en förlängning av evolutionen och de som erövrade världen var den överlägsna människan. Det är åtminstone min tolkning runt deras starka krigiska och expansiva tendenser. Om man bestämt vill beblanda nazism med antisemitism, får man banne mig lämna ordet nationalsocialism ifred, för det är vad Sverige blir om vi går ur EU och stänger gränsen. Vi blir nationalistiska och vi är redan socialistiska sett till världsstandarden.
Det är någonstans här jag börjar undersöka IQ. Läste om det på, kollade på intervjuer och presentationer av James Flynn, Charles A. Murray, Richard Lynn och Linda Gottfredson. Kom fram till den radikala slutsatsen att medvetande, och därmed intelligens, är resultatet av gener som interagerar med sin omgivning. Omgivningen kan givetvis vara olika näringsrik o.s.v. - men alla saker lika kommer gener bland annat göra att:
  • Fight-or-flight responsen kommer, och går, olika lätt. MOA-A påverkar detta där mindre effektiva versioner av generna innebär att neurotransmittörerna bryts ner långsammare. En av de dåliga versionerna av MOA-A kallas "krigargenen" och är kraftigt överrepresenterad bland gärningsmän av våldsbrott. Någon som försökt tänka logiskt när ni är arga?
  • Koncentrationer av neurotransmittörer blir olika, balansen därimellan likaså. Detta påverkas av ovan nämnda enzym och dess gen, men även av transporten av aminosyrorna fenylalanin och tryptofan till hjärncellerna, där de är materialet för dopamin och serotonin och dess vidare produkter.
  • Volymen av hjärnan blir olika.
In a large meta-analysis consisting of 88 studies Pietschnig et al. (2015) estimated the correlation between brain volume and intelligence to be about correlation coefficient of 0.24 which equates to 6% variance. Researcher Jakob Pietschnig showed that this strength of the positive association of brain volume and IQ has been overestimated in the literature, but still remains robust. He has stated that "It is tempting to interpret this association in the context of human cognitive evolution and species differences in brain size and cognitive ability, we show that it is not warranted to interpret brain size as an isomorphic proxy of human intelligence differences". Another 2015 study by researcher Stuart J Ritchie found that brain size explained 12% of the variance in intelligence among individuals.
Alla av dessa är uppenbart länkade till IQ, även om de inte förklarar hela skillnaderna själva.
Jag tror de flesta vet att frekvensen av genvarianter är olika bland olika befolkningar. Vi vet redan sedan länge att afrikaner har lägre kranial volym. Det säger som sagt långt ifrån allt. Men sen har vi en högre frekvens av "krigargenen" med. Jag menar inte att peka ut afrikaner specifikt här utan att påpeka att skillnader mellan etniska grupper, raser, folk, vad ni än vill kalla det, finns och ju mer forskning vi gör desto fler skillader kommer hittas och de kommer framstå tydligare. Inte för att de syns bättre på individen, utan för att ingen längre nekar det som alla redan ser. Att olika kulturer (interpersonella relationer och lagar, inte mat, inte musik, inte mode) har vuxit fram på olika världsdelar. Att länder har olika IQ. Läkare är nog närmast denna insikt då de får lära sig att olika etniciteter har olika sjukdomsrisker.
Låt oss tackla ett par saker som sägs om IQ för att förminska dess resultat.
  • Normalt sett syftar IQ på generell intelligens, eller g-faktor.
It is a variable that summarizes positive correlations among different cognitive tasks, reflecting the fact that an individual's performance on one type of cognitive task tends to be comparable to that person's performance on other kinds of cognitive tasks.)
  • IQ är högst ärftligt, med ca 0.75 ärftlighet vid vuxen ålder. Det betyder att dina föräldrars IQ är en bättre indikator än din omgivning, givet att individen inte är undernärd. Bekräftat av tvillingstudier och allmäna adoptionsstudier.
  • IQ test är inte designade för något västerländska eller vita män är bättre på. Bokstäverna är irrelevanta för provet och endast grundläggande aritmatik helt utan siffror används. Det är istället samband av ökande/variabel svårighet man ska förstå. Om denna typ av samband på något vis är till orättvis fördel för västerlänningar får ni gärna förklara hur detta kommer sig, och varför östasiater är bättre än oss.
  • Generell intelligens är inte specifik intelligens, det säger sig självt. Det innebär att man kan vara utmärkt på mattematik och ändå få sämre resultat på IQ-test än någon som är dålig på mattematik. Men den individen som fick bättre resultat är troligtivs bättre på något annat, vare sig det är att skriva, spela spel e.t.c. . Så är det ett sant mått på intelligens? Det är så vitt jag vet inte en enighet på den frågan än. Men det är det bästa vi har, och det gör ett bra jobb på att förutsäga prestanda i arbetsliv och akademia.
Slutligen, om man inte är nöjd med forskningen bakom ras/etniska/folkliga skillnader, be om mer forskning. Forskningsresultaten som finns är minst lika konsekventa som dem inom t.ex. näringslära.
Tillbaka till migrationskrisen. Den svenska arbetsmarknaden kräver praktiskt taget en gymnasieutbildning, och om man vill tjäna mer än en dräglig lön behöver man högskole/universitetsutbildning. Om ursprungsländerna för migranterna är någon indikation på deras IQ landar de flesta på 80-90. Skola ändrar inte på det. Näring har inte förbättrats markant från deras hemländer. Deras hemländer befann sig inte i svält och har tillgång till samma mat som vi har. De kommer aldrig integreras till fullo i arbetsmarknaden, utan majoritieten kommer få lågbetalda jobb, och vara underrepresenterade i jobb som kräver mental ansträngning och teoretisk utbildning. Precis som i USA.
Deras kultur kommer inte att ändras. Deras kvinnosyn och religion kan säkerligen ändras, det tar nog bara en generation, men machokulturen kommer vara kvar. Tendensen till vrede och våld kommer vara kvar. Precis som i USA.
Hur lång tid kommer det ta för en så starkt religiös grupp med stark kulturell identitet att skapa en rörelse lik BLM? Där våld och förstörelse är acceptabelt och den vite mannen är den enda anledningen till att de inte är till fullo representerade på toppen av den sociala och ekonomiska hierarkin?
Faktum är att en majoritet av de som kom hit inte var flyktingar. De var ekonomiska migranter. Man frågas retoriskt "Vem skulle inte göra det?" och svaret är att de flesta skulle det. Heder försvinner snabbt när man ser att man kan få det bättre. Problemet med den typen av immigration är tvåfaldigt. Att det finns miljontals människor som skulle göra det, och att vi har en begränsad budget med vilken vi kan hjälpa ofantligt mycket fler på plats än vi kan integrera (som i regel aldrig kommer lyckas).
Med opportunity loss i tanken har vi skapat ondo i världen i form av svält och utebliven utbildning. För det är där skon klämmer mest hos min humanistiska sida. Att budgeten för bistånd har minskats för att ta hand om dessa människor som fått ge uttryck för sin girighet.
Om vi återgår till den påstådda orsaken till behovet av immigration, reproduktionsnivån, den s.k. demografiska vintern. Det är intressant att det som alla länder i, eller på väg mot demografisk vinter har gemensamt är välstånd. Jag tänker framförallt på Japan, Skandinavien, USA och Kanada. Sydosteuropa, Afrika och sydostasien har inga sådana problem. Andra skillnader är såklart kvinnliga rättigheter, välfärd och IQ. Som någon som funderat mycket på feminism, välfärd, den kvinnliga populationen och dess reproduktiva motivationer lutar jag mot att det är skillnaden.
Centralt för tankegången är att innan teknologin framkommit fanns det ingen garanti att mannen i ett förhållande var den biologiska fadern. Uppenbarligen var motsatsen sann för kvinnan. Det plus att kvinnan blev mer och mer handlingsförlamad ju längre gången hon var innebar att mannen var den som lämnade hemmet och arbetade. Detta var sant i jägar-samlar stadiet och framåt och har troligtvis format vår parbildning och psykologin som leder till den.
Kvinnor som vet att barnet är deras behövde inte lita på sin partners trogenhet utan endast att maten, vattnet och värmen fortsätta komma, samt skydd från externa hot. Bäst mat, vatten, värme och skydd gav bäst odds för kvinnans och barnens överlevnad. För att rikta och sporra mannens arbete sade kvinnan vad hon ville ha härnäst. Därav kom mannens tävlingsinriktan, och kvinnans gnäll.
Eftersom resurser krävs för att barnafödsel samt uppväxt ska lyckas är mannens roll högst nödvändig. Om en kvinna blir gravid med en man som inte förser henne med resurser krävs en annan man, annars riskerar hon sin hälsa samt förlorar ett års fertilitet och sitt rykte. Det betyder att hon behöver hitta en hanrej, och att hon behöver kunna manipulera honom/undanhålla sanningen/ljuga bra nog att han tror att det är hans barn.
Att som man vara kontrollerande eller känna sig hotad av sin partners manliga umgänge när man själv inte är närvarande är förståeligt. De som inte var oroliga har inte längre avkomma i världen.
In more recent history, as a global average, about four or five women reproduced for every one man.
Detta innebär såklart inte att 75-80% av kvinnor hanrejade deras män, eftersom det kan ha varit polygamiska förhållanden, eller ännu mer troligt, seriella reproduktiva förhållanden, där mannen tog en fru eller två efter hans dåvarande fru inte kunde få barn. Abraham i bibeln är nog ett välkänt historiskt exempel.
Men man ska inte glömma att, akten att hanreja sin man är en legitim reproduktionsstrategi, eftersom man får både bättre gener för sin avkomma, och resurserna från en hängiven man, om man lyckas.
Industriella revolutionen kommer. Snart har kvinnan allt hon någonsin kunnat önska sig och mer. Gnället riktas till annat, får en annan form i offentliga forum. Feminism skapas.
Jämnställdhet framkommer. Män har helt plötsligt inte några resurser kvinnan inte redan har eller kan få av staten.
Det är här vikten av att feminism är en förlängning av kvinnlig natur kommer in. Vi har likhet inför lagen. Kvinnor håller alla kort reproduktivt eftersom det finns spermabanker och det är lätt att bara sluta ta p-piller i förhållanden. Flickor får högre betyg än pojkar för samma resultat i skolan. Det finns ingen anledning för feminism längre.
Fast då kollar de på "resultaten" på arbetsmarknaden. Där är män dominanta i inkomst och ledarpositioner. Det förklaras lätt genom att normalfördelningen av män är bredare. Det är större varians. Det innebär att det finns fler av högt IQ och lågt IQ. Om välbetalda arbetsplatser kräver högt IQ och hög utbildning är det tillräcklig förklaring. Att det finns forskning som pekar på att män har upp till 5 IQ högre än kvinnor skulle bara vara bonus för att förklara den skillnaden.
Det är som om det vore i mäns natur att ge kvinnor vad de vill ha, precis som det är i kvinnors natur att gnälla. Vart kommer det sluta?
Men vad har detta med vår reproduktionsnivå att göra?
I ett land med sexuell liberalism, ingen stigma runt skiljsmässor, ingen ekonomisk risk vid byte av partner, där män inte har monopolet på resurser de under en evolutionärt signifikant tid fört till bordet, vad finns kvar för män? I stort blir vi alla hanrejar retroaktivt och får konstant tävla om vem som bär byxorna i hemmet. Det enda som skiljer behandlingen man får av kvinnor är hur man ser ut, och det spelar ingen roll hur dom själva ser ut. Alla tycks förvänta sig Orlando Bloom, Ryan Gosling, Channing Tatum eller George Clooney. Så fort man når någon sorts tröskel vänder det som ett jävla mynt, som för evigt förändrar hur man ser på kvinnor. Helt plötsligt är man inte jobbig längre och alla ler. (källa)
Män rivs ner konstant, blir tillsagda att vara mer feminina i form av känslighet, följa sina drömmar o.s.v. Samtidigt är det bara maskulinitet och resurser som respekteras. Vi skäms ut om vi inte är sexuellt aktiva, vi fördöms offentligt om vi är sexuellt aktiva utanför relationer, vi fördöms av alla om vi är i relationer där vi inte respekteras. Det finns inget "safe space" för män som inte är bland den maskulina eliten när det gäller kvinnor.
Det offentliga forumet måste inse att vi är en sexuellt dimorfisk art. Män och kvinnor har helt olika förutsättningar för att lyckas i skolan, på arbetsmarknaden och på köttmarknaden. Liberalism och jämnställdhet är inte alltid det bästa alternativet. Frihet innebär stratifiering. I vissa fall är det bäst och nödvändigt, som på arbetsmarknaden och troligtvis i skolan. I andra är det inte det, som i könsfrågor.
Jag, precis som en till synes växande grupp andra, lutar åt att inte beblanda mig med kvinnor mer än nödvändigt. MGTOW kallas det. Men Go Their Own Way. Det är ingen kult, rörelse eller grupp. Det är en filosofi om något. TFM gjorde nyss en video som ganska väl beskriver MGTOW och svar på den vanliga kritiken. Vissa saker handlar om en ekonomisk riskbedömning som inte är lika relevant i Sverige. Här handlar det till hundra procent om uttrycket kvinnans natur tar i vårat samhälle.

Kom ihåg: undantag varken bekräftar eller motbevisar regeln. Jag generaliserar mycket men fokusera på om generaliseringen är rimlig, inte på om det finns undantag.

Så vad tycker ni? Vad är anledningen till vår demografiska vinter? Vad är fel på socialnationalism? Borde vi fortfarande vara ute efter jämnställdhet mellan könen och etniciteter? Jag menar detta borde vara diskussionsunderlag för ett par dagar!
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2015.08.02 23:54 SweFaidros Dejting för ELITSNIGLAR – Seriös dating online

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2015.03.06 18:06 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: I’m an 82-year old lady who has never been online before, until this week. AMA! (Featuring sidekick Berthel, Sweden’s most digital senior.)

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Date: 2015-03-06
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Questions Answers
Why did you want to get online, any benefits for you? Beacuse I had though about learning more, or anything, about the internet but frankly I felt lost before this week began. This project has been such a good way for me to éxpand my horizon. I'm happy about this collaboration :)
Have you looked at any videos on YouTube yet? If so what's your favorite video so far? Here's my favorite! Link to Edited: just saw the extra video on the video. Yes, I saw this video on Youtube of this deaf girl who suddenly, with the help of doctors, could hear. It was amazing, the most moving thing i've seen in a long time! I'll send you the link: Link to But bring out your napkins!
My grandfather is from Sweden and I've always wanted to go and look up any remaining family I may have there. What is the best time of year if I want to see the sights? Any particular places you would recommend? Hi and thank for your lovely question! I would recommend you coming during summertime and going to Skansen if your in Stockholm. Celebrating the holiday Midsommar in the middle of summer is also a great thing to try out! Hope to see you in Sweden! Take care! :) :)
What's the one thing you've done online that makes you think "I really wish I had this when I was younger"? Hi! Thank you for your question! No, I dont think i've tried anything this week that I wish i'd had access to when I was younger. I'm just happy to have been able to learn about Skype and such stuff.
What was most fun during the week? There were lots of things that I thought was fun. My week began with trying out Google and that was something that i really thought was fun and toally new.
What's the worst thing you've seen across the internet? Not really but I saw a music video with a man jumping around being a bit silly, with funny thing on top of his head. But other than that nothing bad or weird!
Have you had to call into tech support yet? Not really but the team from My News Desk have been total angels, so calming and if I had trouble with something, they helped me the best they could.
What is the internet to you? Very much actually, since I got the opportunity to this digital knowledge gap of mine! I feel a little less "gone with the wind".
I just want to say it's such a pleasure, a genuine pleasure to meet you, and be "across the table" from you without leaving my living room... What do you think is the most surprising thing about being your age, and online now, after all this time? Is it any different at your age than being 5 years old? Hi! It was lovely meeting you too! Thank you for everything! I wouldn't say that things were surprising, but I was exited and intrigued by how fast the internet is and how much I didn't know about random stuff. I kinda feel smarter, haha!
Hej Kerstin. Vad tycker du har vart mest intressant med den nyupptäckta världen med internet för din egen del? Hello, Kerstin. What in your opinion has been the most interesting part of this new world of the internet? I really liked Google. It gave me a chance to learn more about searching methods, digital news and lots of art. I really like arts and crafts and Google was a good way to find new art pieces.
Do you see yourself using the computer more now or is it just sort of a novelty? I definitely see myself using the computer, and also the internet, more and in a way that is both for my own enjoyment and for writing my memoirs.
How many cute cat videos have you watched so far? :) Only one so far, but maybe that's something I should check out more! By the way, i've had three cats and three dogs. I love animals.
You used the term "afk" in your description, what's your favorite piece of internet speak so far? What terms do you find the most strange or confusing? Thank you for your question! The only term I remember is "afk", but maybe you know some that I could have try out the next time i'm on Instagram ? :)
How was life without Internet? Hi! It was great and "normal". But now it's a bit more fun and it feels like stepping into a new phase! :) :)
What is your everyday tips to Kerstin? My tip would be encouraging people to read more poetry on the internet. I've found so many brilliant poets!
Hi Kerstin, welcome to the Internet! Now that you have access to YouTube what type of music/bands are you most excited to be listening to? Current and former. I really like classical music but I didn't find any new artist that I like. Oh, just remembered that I like ABBA so i might just listen more to them on Youtube!
Will you continue using Tinder? Thank you for your question.. i'm not sure. I dont know if anybody would find me interesting.
This past week must have been quite the experience for you, what would you have found to be the most difficult aspect of the internet to wrap your head around? Everything has been very pleasant but at the same time very difficult. I'm sure i'll continue learning more about the internet! I'm up for the challenge!
Do you think the world would be a better or a worse place without internet? No, I actually think that the world is better with access to internet. It opens up so many posibilities!
Will you try to buy things online (clothes, furnitures etc)? No, I prefer walking into a store and being able to touch and try on the items I like.
Would you rather fight 1 horse sized duck or 100 duck sized horses? I'd rather fight with 100 ducks the same size as a horse! Weird question though. Haha.
Favorite snack? Yes, after lunch I usually take a piece of chocolate!
Will you buy your own broadband now? Definitely! As I said before - i'm just getting started! :) :)
Kerstin, what weapons did you prefer playing BF3? Haha, I prefer using the helicopter. It was intense! :) :)
Hello Ladies!! All good seniors have an awesome recipe or two that they enjoy making or sharing. Do you have a favorite that you could share with us? I enyoj eating fish, so I would recommend something with fish and curry. Your making me hungry! Haha :)
Will you be watching Netflix now? No, only Youtube :)
Did you meet anyone on Tinder? No, not yet..
have you met anyone yet through this app? No.. not yet!
Hi, Kerstin! Welcome to the internet! Like the world you know so well, it includes all kinds and takes all kinds. My question: Now that you have started your digital journey, what do you think you will get out of it? Now that this door to the largest trove of information, misinformation, and everything in between has been opened for you, what, if anything, is on your to-do list? What are you excited to explore? Second question if you have time: You have access to more information and a greater ability to source and move people and materials at this very moment than any Pharaoh of Egypt, Emperor of Rome, or Khan of Mongolia. Just a few clicks in a few hours can send tons of material and thousands of people into motion all over the world. What does this mean for you? Is it a good thing? I think it will make it easier to find news and to learn about such things I would not normally come in contact with. And what I found to be very exciting exploring was definitely Skype!
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2012.08.26 16:40 superost Input from Swedish dudes out there on the vague world of "dejt"-ing in Sweden ?

kära Sweddit,
Ledsen för den personliga tjänsten (och att det hela inte på svenska), men jag behöver din hjälp!
Background: I'm an American woman in my late 20s living in Sweden for about a year, met a guy living in the same city through online dating site who is in his 30s. Both of us are professionals and have lots of music/art/lifestyle stuff in common, and have hung out a few times. We also recently sexy-timed, if that makes any difference.
Sweddit, I think I might really like this dude, but all my experiences with Swedish dudes have made me into a Futurama Fry, where I'm thinking:
"Can't tell if he's completely uninterested...or just Swedish"
For example, I feel like I always have to initiate everything (dates, texting) which have so far been reciprocated 1-1 and our hang outs have been really fun. We are both busy people and can't really meet up spontaneously, but I don't always want to have to be the one to set something up if I want to see him again. For example, after our last hang out, we neglected to make any future plans to meet in person, but I of course haven't heard anything from him to set anything up.
Also, since we are busy people and don't necessarily live that close to each other, is it weird to want him to reach out more via SMS or something (ANYTHING) in the time between hang-outs? Or am I just being an impatient and slightly clingy American?
So, what do you Swedish men out there think? How do you approach moving forward with a girl you're interested in after it's clear she's interested too?
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2012.04.20 12:59 tabledresser [Table] IAMA Utøya survivor

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Date: 2012-04-19
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Link to my post
Questions Answers
Did you know Emil? (Nord Trønderlag). If so, how was he like? Did you see him before he passed away? I never got the chance to get to know Emil, but I am from Nord Trøndelag, I did not see much of him during everything but I am aware of that he was murdered not far from me. After all I have heard about him I have come to the conclusion that when he died, Norway and the nation lost a great man.
My condolences.
You say you saw him twice and heard him once. What was he saying/yelling? He was yelling at one point telling everyone to come out form where they were hiding, (sorry for grammar mistakes), and that he was a police officer her to help us, I did not come forward. This was near the pump house, if you have heard about it, 15 people or so was murdered there.
Did you witness any acts of heroism, such as people helping others escape? Or was it basically a giant free-for-all (everybody running to escape wherever they could?) Where i was laying, there was a girl who was shot 4 times, she survived because of everyone around her was trying to help her, she was laying on top of one person so she would not get cold and there where two or three persons who where compressing her wounds.
My sincerest condolences for everything you've experienced.
Hi, my son Espen was killed by 'pumpehuset', big sturdy guy(190cm) did you meet him? (Espen from Bodø) I do not believe so, you must remember that we where almost 600 people, there are so many people I wish I had the possibility to meet or get to know them better.
Just a shot in the dark! Today i can account for most of his movements the last hour of his life, but I'm still looking for details. So when i saw you mentioning 'pumpehuset' I just had to ask... I understand.
God, I can't even imagine looking over that block of time and seeing so much raw potential. All of those souls that you looked into without a second glance only hours before, we're suddenly taken away. say the least. Do you deal with any survivor's guilt after all of this? No, because i believe there were nothing I could have done diffrent, and I believe that it does not matter who survived, because no one on that island deserved to die.
This may be a bit personal, but if you had the opportunity to confront Breivik is there anything you wish you could tell him? Also, thank you to you and your fellow Norwegians for the civil way everyone has responded. It's an attitude I wish more people in my country would emulate. That I get why he did it, but I that I think that going after children, I consider my self still a child, is way beyond every other choice he could have chosen to prove his point.
What do you mean by "I get why he did it."??? He is afraid that the country is going to be "taken over" by Muslims, and when they start building mosques in the middle of Oslo, i can understand. But i do not agree.
What do you mean by >I get why he did it -- is the immigration of muslims controversial in Norway? I *don't mean to be rude or contentious, but you said the media coverage isn't honest and that statement just seemed to imply.. What I mean is since I van watch the trial firsthand ånd really see and hear what he is saying, I can also see that the media covering the trail are quoting it wrong.
What exactly are they quoting wrong? I don't mean to sound like a jerk but it sounds like you're agreeing with his radical views. I'm for globalizing, but i can understand some of the way he thinks.
What was your first indication that something was amiss? Did somebody tell you, or did you see him? Stay strong! Well, we had just had a meeting in the main building about what had happened in Oslo when we heard the first shots. And when suddenly people star running up from the pier and was screaming/yelling "run, hide" etc, you understand something is wrong. But I did not understand the gravity of what was going on until right before I was transported away form the island and could really see everything.
How has this changed your life? How do you feel about Breivik and how they are choosing to punish him? Do they have capital punishment in Norway? What has helped you move on? It has made me realize how precious life is.
I think Breivik is a man that lives by what we Norwegians call the precautionary principle, and that there will never be any way of justify his actions, nor give him a punishment that will be good enough because one does not exist. And death would be to easy.
We do not have capital punishment in Norway, a life sentence her is 21 years, after that there will be a new trial, which determines whether someone released again. He on the other hand will not be released because he will always be a threat to the kingdom.
I have coped with it all by going to a psychologist and "talked it over".
Oh I forgot, I smoke A LOT, being with friends, being at school (or trying to), and just live my life as normal as posible! ; )
How has your life changed since the incident? Do you consider yourself a different person because of this experience? Of course did it change me, I've become a stronger human being. It has also made me more confident and more prescient when it comes to believing in what you stand for. I am not a person who is easily knocked down.
Have you suffered from ptsd at all? Not really, no, a bit anxiety and sleeping problems.
How did you hide? Were you with anybody, or just on your own? Can you try to explain the emotions you had, while he was there? Fellow scandinavian here, I hope you're you're doing all right despite everything that has happened. In the beginning I was hiding alone, until i saw him again, and found out i should hide somewhere else, I found about 8 persons or so to hide with.
Can you provide more detail than just that you hid, and later you hid with other people? Was it a building, the forest? What was bad about your first hiding spot. Maybe a strange request but I have been trying to wrap my head around what it must have been like since last summer. I was in the beginning in the main building, then on the "love path", then in the water next to Bolsjevika, then in the forest above the pumping house.
I was actually gonna make a request for this the other day, turns out I won't have to! :) Btw, I'm from Norway myself! When you were at the Island and the shooting started, people obviously started calling your phone to check on you right? If so, was that a problem, could it compromise your hiding position? Were you too much in shock to put your phones on silentmode? I sort of drowned my phoned, I was hiding in the water and I was thinking that i should make sure that my phone survived that I putt it in my bra (yes, I'm a girl) and the first thing I did when got to the water was lay down flat in the water, and therefor drowning my phone x]
I hope some kind soul bought you a new phone? Yes.
How long did you stay in the water? Did you have to actually keep your head underwater for a long time? Thanks for doing this by the way. I never needed to keep my head under the water because i was hiding behind a tree, but i was in the water for 30-45 min.
Did you go to the edge of the island like most people? When I was watching it I probably would have attempted to swim to the mainland. Did that cross your mind at any point? or was it actually too long of a swim to even attempt? Also, have you looked at some of the images from that day or do you avoid everything to do with it? Well it is at the shortest point form pier to pier almost 1km airline, I have asthma, so for me it was never a possibility because i would have drowned.
When you were in that situation, did your ability to think rationally about what to do next and where to go remain or was it just complete panic taking over? And thanks for doing this, huge respect for you. Hope you and your friends can recover well. I was rational to the point that i kept my safe and took my asthma in consideration in every action i did, i never panicked or anything.
I'm sorry that you had to go through that. Did Anders look insane when you saw him? I know that's morbid but I want to know how he composed himself. Well, he did not look insane, just surprisingly calm...
I think that's what's insane. From hearing what he's saying now during the trial, he seems to have exactly zero emotions that aren't centered around himself. I know, that is the reason this trial is so though on everyone involved.
It's tough even for those of us who didn't know any victims, so my deepest sympathy to you. Do you have any thoughts on tomorrow's proceedings, as Lippestad has warned that it will be the hardest day yet? That is exactly what it is going to be, the hardest day. That is why i have to go to court.
The media (at least in the UK and USA) keep on bringing up that Breivik played World of Warcraft and that he trained using computer games. What are your thoughts on this? That WoW has nothing to do with it, I like MMORPG myself.
I know it must be uncomfortable for you to recall but at any point during the ordeal did you actually see Breivik? Well, firstly i saw him twice and heard him once.
Also, do you think there needs to be a revision of Norwegian law to allow for stricter penalties for crimes as awful as those of Anders Behring Breivik? I do not believe that the penalty for his crime should be any other than for a "normal" murderer, if he got a stricter penalty for what he has done, he would have won. It would mean that he did change Norway, and that is the hole point about the trial, everyone knows he did it, there is enough evidence to get him sentenced immediately, but Norway is a democracy where everyone has the right to a fair trial.
There are A LOT of people here in Switzerland commenting on online news articles about Breivik, stating that he should be tortured, killed and whatnot. And when I'm telling them what you told us right now, they always say "Imagine your kids or yourself were in that situation" - I answer, that it's important to remain calm, reasonable and not to overthrow humanistic worldviews. You make me believe in humanity a little more, thank you. I'm really impressed. But was it hard, at some point, not to wish him dead or tortured? I'm glad I give you a bit hope for humanity.
But for me it was not hard at all not to want him dead, because that would be to easy, and torture is against everything I believe in, so no at that to.
I agree with the sentiment, but what if he gets out of jail and kills more people? Hasn't he threatened that? After 21 years a board will review if he's fit to reenter society. Since he has said he will do it again if he gets the chance (and since he's a horrible terrorist obv), the board will sentence him to an additional 5 years. After those years, the board will sentence him to another 5, etc etc.
He wont get out.
I hate to be the guy that says this but is there anyway you can prove you were there? I can prove it with a news article, if that is enough? But it is in Norwegian...
A picture of your ID (just blur out the sensitive information) could be proof. Not that I have any doubt, just a lot of redditors tend to take these post a lot less serious when they are without proof. How do i do that? (i'm an idiot when it comes to internett -.-')
What do you think about multiculturalism? A good thing, the entire globe is globalizing anyway, why try to fight it?
Did you lose people close to yourself, friends or family? I would say I lost two friends, and three more people I knew.
What do you think about Wednesday's trial meeting compared to the previous meetings? Don't know, I was not there, and I do not read the newspapers because they are mostly, excuse my language, bullshit.
In what way do you find the media coverage to be bullshit? Factual errors or the emphasis? Or do you think we're overexposing some aspect? I can't quite explain, but if you've ever read a norwegian newspaper you would know what i was talking about.
I live in Norway, and I read quite a few of them. I agree that the diet and celebrity stuff that usually covers the papers is low, but I'm wondering whether there are spesific things about this case that arr covered in a bad way. How about TV? Have you seen Nrk's coverage? What do you think? I have not seen the case on TV since the judge informs in the beginning for the trial everyday how much is allowed to be filmed. But after experience, the media wants one thing and that is emotions, just to take and example; when he started to cry during the viewing of his film. The media focused so much on it. So I cant say i think its good.
Takk for at du gjør dette forresten. Vi tenker på dere alle sammen, hele tiden. Takk for støtten, og du må vite at det at vi har hele Norges befolkning mer eller mindre som støttespillere betyr mye for meg og andre.
Trees or tobacco? Tobacco, the other stuff is illegal in Norway and my father was a drug addict that got killed by his own addiction, and I don't want to do the same mistake. I drink though
Sorry, I'm going to call you out on the irony. I know, it came out a bit wrong. I smoke cigarettes , Prince Rich Taste, to be exact.
Alcohol is a drug...same with tobacco as well actually. Professional alcoholic here so I know what I'm talking about. I smoke a lot, but I have a healthy relationship to alcohol.
KIDS! Smoke Prince Rich Taste I like the taste, I want a pipe, and every other occasion cigars are suiting
I don't know much about the AUF but I understand it's a youth organisation with political connections. Do you plan a life in politics? And has this event changed your plans for your life in any way? I do not plan a life in politics, i'm trying to become a nurse. And this event has only made me more confident in my choice.
Good for you, a noble profession. I hope you have a rewarding career! At the central level, in the county and local branches held lots of events ranging from themed evenings, courses, school visits and summer camp. On these pages you can read more about some of us engaged in the AUF, find contact information for your county, and much more.
Was there a time that you thought he would find you and/or got near your hiding spot? As i posted, he was 20 m away from me when i was hiding. So yes, but he did'nt.
Did you think you were gonna die? What was your emotional state during all this? I never thought I was going to die. I had a defense mechanism saying it was all just a game. Hide and seek, more or less.
That's interesting - so you felt calm throughout the event? Yes.
How long did it take for that to wear off, and for you to reach a new kind of state, perhaps a more emotional one? When you were leaving the island? Yes, when I was leaving the island, and it did not go away again until a week after.
Fellow AUF'er here, i was not on Utøya though. Do you follow the trial, or are you trying to ignore it and just move on? I know that would be hard considering the huge media coverage.. Hope you are ok! WOW, a fellow AUF'er here, AWESOME!!
I am following the trial, going there again tomorrow, to Inntrødelag tingrett, since i'm from Trøndelag.
I'm trying to only follow it personally form the court instead of watching it through the new since there are so much the media never gets right...
But i'm alive and well.
Are you still in touch with the rest of the survivors? How are they doing now? The Breivik case has just started, and apparently you will all have to tell everything in front of the court again. Will you handle it? We are all coping as good as possible and try to keep in touch. I do not have to witness, since the line is drawn to those hit by projectile.
Is it? A close friend of mine is going to witness, and he did not get shot. He was one of the people who swam away from the island (and saw Anders in the eyes and managed to escape) Yes it is, but there are about 13 people who were not hit by projectile that still was asked to testify.
What actions did you take that saved your life? Well, i naturally ran and hid.
Smart. Well that is what any sane person would do...
How did the (Norwegian?) Muslim community react after the attacks? Was there any tension? I hope you're doing well. Well, i cant say i know, the entire country was in shock and terror.
How often do you come across Norweigans who subscribe to right wing xenophobic ideologies? Rarely
Did you see how he got arrested ? How did you know it was safe to come out from your hiding spot. And did you hear any stories afterwards about anyone thinking of tackling him from behind or something like that ? No i did not see his arrest but my boyfriend did more or less.
Everyone on the island was thinking about tackling him or something like that.
Can you elaborate on the arrest at all? No.
What do you think about the trial right now? Do you wish him to be dead? I am sorry if the second question is a bit personal, but I am really curious and that's what reddit is about! Thank you for your IAMA and your time! Glad you're still with us! I think the trial is going to emotionally rough, which it is, and i do not want him dead. It would be to easy...
Hey there, glad you're ok.. kinda felt from your comments already that you're a reasonable and calm person (or at least you seem to got over what happened), and IKR that's probably how you norwegians are, but still, how do you feel about how the court treats Breivik (as in, greeting him, allowing him to read his few-pages-long statements etc..)? Do you think it's ok he get's this free publicity for his crazy ideas now? The reason why he gets treated so freely is that the court is afraid that if they don't go along on everything, and all his bullshit, he may refuse to testify. But it also lets everyone see how insane he is, and he proves it every day in court,
What do you think should happen to Anders? Send him to jail, and do so until he is no longer a threat to national security.
You think he should get out one day after murdering 70 something people? What do you think would be a reasonable sentence for him? The think about him is that he will most likely always be a threat to safety of the kingdom. Conclusion = he will always be in jail.
I think he should be locked up for the rest of his life, because he can not be rehabilitated to come back to the society because he is not sick.
Fellow AUFer here! Did you get back all your stuff from Utøya yet? I know that several of those I know have not been back much. Are you still active in AUF, and come to meetings (If yes, in Akershus?)? I'm from trøndelag, so no, not in akerhus.
I did get some of my stuff back, but most of it I had to throw away because it was ruined.
Has this horrible day drawn you closer to your family and friends? Seeing Breivik using his trial as a political podium from which to express his views, how do you feel? My condolences, and thank you for doing this AMA. I am closer to friends and family. And I don't know what I feel about Breivik using the trial as a political podium , I just knew he would.
Do you think this guy who is so upset by 'multiculturalism' is mostly alone in his views, or is there a decent segment of the population that would like to keep Norway 'pure'? Not that they would act on it in such an extreme way, rather that they agree with his beliefs. I'm not sure, I think a lot of people share his views about their own country...
How do you feel about the mass media trying to pin this shit on video games? Idiotic, almost everyone plays some sort of video game...
Även Sverige stod still den dagen, jag hoppas och tror att allt ordnar sig för dig och alla andra. Fortsätt vara stark. If you remember, how did it feel to come home and sleep in your own bed? It was good, ad quiet and peaceful and I really knew I was safe.
How did you manage to hide and survive, unlike many others? Hej från sverige! I hid, and kept in movement, never at the same spot twice.
What's it like, testifying in a Norwegian court? Thanks for sharing your story, by the way. You'll do just fine with whatever life throws at you. I don't know how it is testifying in an Norwegian court, because I don't have to. But testifying to the police is mentally demanding for your side.
Once I escaped a building on fire. After talking to my parents and neighbors, the first think I wanted to do was having a strong drink and then going to a spa and get myself the biggest relaxation program they offered. What did you do to calm down right after that? I got drunk and had sex.
Thank you for all of your answers, I have the upmost respect for you. My question is, Breivik has claimed that he will kill again if he is to be freed, what is your opinion on this? Do you believe he is a psychopath? I do believe so, yes.
Do you play world of warcraft? Not really related but every noweigan seems to play it...and a guy in my guild was on the island as well. I've tried it, but it wasn't my kind of game, I like Skyrim better.
Not really related but, how long do you think anders will get in prison? Can't he only get 21 years? He will get 21 years and then the punishment will be extended every four years.
Did you think about fighting back at all? I am not saying you should have, or shouldn't have, but did it go through your mind? It did go through my mined, but just briefly.
Was there no time? Or did it just seem like a bad idea? Seemed like a bad idea.
I really admire you for doing this, coming out and talking about it cannot be easy and I cannot even begin to imagine how you felt on that day. Are you watching his trial, if so what are your thoughts and feelings about it? I am trying to watch some of it, but I mostly just read briefs my lawyer send me.
I have always wondered whether some of the braver people conspired to fight back against him. Did you experience any acts of heroism, or anyone that was talking like they were going to attempt to confront him? This is heroism: Link to
Why does the article say you were 2m away from him, and you say you were 20m? Because newspapers never get anything right, or my memory is just not as good as it was from that day, the article is from the 23. of July.
What kind of music do you listen to? Link to
What do you hope to see Happen to Anders after all the legal bussiness is finished? After 21 years a board will review if he's fit to reenter society. Since he has said he will do it again if he gets the chance (and since he's a horrible terrorist obv), the board will sentence him to an additional 5 years. After those years, the board will sentence him to another 5, etc etc. He will serve life in prison.
Could you hide in a quiet spot or everyplace was a chaos with people yelling and crying? The island is so small, that I could hear the screams from the other side of the island, so there was never quiet at all + you could hear all the shots, which is why I knew when I could move from location to location.
Do you belive there were more than one shooter? No I do not believe so.
If somebody gave you a gun and put Breivik in same room as you would you shoot him right away? I would have to consider if I could live with my self after killing a man, most likely would I just make sure he would never be able to walk again, nor shot someone.
I have a couple of questions; first off do you play video games (FPSs more specifically) and if yes, how do you feel about the way the media has portrayed the video games' role in Breivik becoming who he is today? I hope you are doing as well as you can, considering the circumstances :) No, I do not.
To what extent do you meet other survivors of Utøya? Do you think the survivors will always stay in touch? Like has it forged a permanent special bonding? Well some of the survivors are close friends, and those I meet quite often, others I see once in a while or just randomly meet at places. I don't really know, we have a facebook page and keep in touch there.
What are your thoughts on the death penalty, and have they changed at all from before this incident you survived? I will always be against death penalty.
What would your reaction be if he was released after the 21 year sentence? do you think he would ever be considered "rehabilitated" at some point? do you think he would he be a threat to others if he was released? why does norway not have life sentences for mass murder? do you think there are more "breiviks" out in society (norway and elsewhere)? I have no clue.
Do you get to have your own meanings and political views when in the organisation. I mean. You're young, and they could certainly need som new input. Or is it just indoctrination and cowardly consent? We get to have our own opinions and express them, if not I wouldn't have joined.
How much would you like Anders to go through the USA prison system, where he would probably be forcibly sodomized before having a broomstick shoved all the way from his rectum to he esophogus? No not really.
Can't say I would've liked it nor disliked it.
How has security changed in Oslo? I was born in Oslo and went back the summer before this happened. It's always been pretty laid back. Are there more police do you have to go through security measures when you go to the islands? Don't really know, I don't live in Oslo, and it's been awhile since I've been there.
What is your response to the almost 50% membership rise in the AUF since the terror attack? Do you feel encouraged to continue your commitment to the workers movement? I think most of the people who have joined, are doing it out of pity.
So they won't stay within the organisation? I thought that many became members because they been sympatisers for long and now felt that they should get organized. I have no clue.
"Han berättar om hur han fick 14 personer, som gömde sig bakom ett pumphus, att komma fram genom att lura dem att han var polis. Då sköt han dem." Fråga, vittna du detta? Nei, bare hørte det, han sa det jo relativt høyt, så jeg hørdte det jo.. og det var der jeg kom ned til vannet hvor jeg ble hentet med båt så jeg så jo alle.
Do you think it was a successful way to get his message out? No.
Al mulig støtte fra Danmark :) Takk ; )
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