Jeremy Piven partner

Jeremy Piven. The former friends reportedly ended their relationship in the wake of Cusack’s controversial comments about Piven’s professional success to Best Life magazine. “It just says so ... Case in Point: Jeremy Piven. True—When the Guy Is Never Attached to Women : Some might say, 'Oh, he just keeps his private live private.' You're right, he does, but his private life is sucking dick. On 26-7-1965 Jeremy Piven (nickname: Jez Piv) was born in Manhattan, NY, USA. He made his 15 million dollar fortune with Ellen, Entourage & Mr. Selfridge. The director is currently single, his starsign is Leo and he is now 55 years of age. Jeremy Piven Wife: The marital status of Piven cites that he is Single. Girlfriend and Partner: So, it may be good news for his female fans. However, he had an affair with many young, talented and beautiful ladies of entertainment industry. His latest relationship was seen with Danielle Page. She is a model by profession. Is Married to Who? Yet Not Jeremy Piven Net Worth: Truth To Know About the Actor. Jeremy Piven is a American performer who’s been busy in the business since 1986. Famous for his work on the critically acclaimed TV series “Entourage,” his brand-new sunglasses line, along with his capacity to earn any character he plays with likable, Piven is among Hollywood’s hidden jewels. Jeremy Piven and Nikki Benz - Partners, Partnership Free Horoscopes charts, calculations Birth Natal Chart Online Calculator Ascendant, Rising Sign Calculator Astro Portrait: Sun, Moon, ASC Personal Daily Horoscope Transits, Progressions, Solar Return Synastry, Composite, Davison Chart Traditional Astrology Calculator Sidereal Astrology ... Jeremy Piven is rumoured to have hooked up with Kelly Brook (2013) and Barbie Blank (2009).. About. Jeremy Piven is a 55 year old American Actor. Born Jeremy Samuel Piven on 26th July, 1965 in Manhattan, NY, he is famous for Spence on Ellen in a career that spans 1982–present and 1986–present. Jeremy Piven was spotted for the first time in public since 'breaking down in tears' and walking off the set of his new TV series in the wake of allegations he sexually abused or harassed four women. A Concise History of the American IdolJeremy Piven was created on July 1965 with the birth Jeremy Samuel Piven. was born to Joyce Hiller Piven and parents Byrne Piven and contains a Shira Piven. Produced to celebrities, Jeremy inclined towards the area. He belongs to ethnicity and awakens from Manhattan. Jeremy contains got the physique that is ... Former “Entourage” star Jeremy Piven has been accused of sexual misconduct by three more women in instances that allegedly occurred between 1985 and 1996. According to a report from Buz…

December 1995 Nitro reviews

2020.08.01 08:44 devil0o December 1995 Nitro reviews

Episode 14
It's the run up to Starrcade, the most disrespected pay per view in history, hype for the triangle match.
Fun Fact: Jim Cornette invented the triangle match in Smoky Mountain Wrestling, it was then popularized by Paul Heyman in ECW
American Males vs Harlem Heat:
At this point, Bagwell is still mobile. Harlem Heat were just awesome, they had the look, the toughness those haircuts, just dope. The American Males would have been over now but not then. Col. Parker comes out gives Sherry a present, a diamond ring. WCW shouldn't have been allowed to book tag endings. RIggs jawjacks with the ref for no reason, while his partner gets beat up. Then the wrong Heat member gets the pin, but Heat are so committed to tagging, they tag each other while cheating. I'm pretty certain the Lucha Bros have never touched each others hands.
Mean Gene interviews Luger & Sting, Sting stays on point & they argue like good friends with social differences. Interview ends, Sting starts to leave but its his match next.
Sting vs Kurasawa:
No Parker as manager now, a squash match that's set up to still make Kurasawa look good. Sting wins
Starrcade promo: New Japan vs WCW on a Wednesday
Norton vs Giant
WCW doesn't care about faces vs heels Giant dominates until Norton hits an atomicIn r drop which doesn't drop him, Norton fights him for a bit goes for a closeline gets caught up & chokeslammed.
Mean Gene interviews Flair with Charles Barkley, its uneventful
Luger vs Savage
Solid main event went through three commercial breaks
turnbuckle gets exposed, Luger gets it, knocks out the ref. Savage tries to get his hands on Jimmy Hart. Flair comes down to knock out Savage, Hogan comes up from behind with Sting. In the ring, Hogan tries to knock out Flair but catches Sting instead.
Sting tries to stand up for Luger to Hogan & Savage, Hogan & Sting come to an understanding.
Episode 15
The Announcers set up their intrigue for the main event.
Eddie Guerrero vs JL: match starts while the announcers are talking, the match is speedy not very technical it's wonderful, its flippy, but not flippy shit. They sell everything. The Brain asks what JL stands for (Jerry LYnn is not one of those guesses) Eddie wins heading into the World Cup of Wrestling at Starrcade
Mean interviews Luger with Hart
Disco vs Ornodorff:'
Ornodorff looks like a retired swinger. Ornodorff wins
The Horsemen come out (minus Benoit, luckily for the WWE censors) I want one of these damn 4 Horsemen t-shirts. One of my co workers does vinyl, I might ask her to make me one. Pillman is very loose cannon during this promo, the crowd is not feeling it. Mr. Wonderful comes back out to berate Pillman & things break down into a brawl.
comeback from break, Orndorff is being stretchered out from his beatdown.
Luger vs Duggan:
bland squash match, Duggan is bad physically and deteroating
Gene interviews Savage runs down Savages upcoming matches
Slim Jim commercial, I can't eat these anymore too much heartburn
Flair & Anderson vs Hogan & Sting
What should be pay per view quality. Hogan & Sting won't look each other in the eye, Hogan enters the ring he is booed, this is the heart of Flair country. Match is paced like a pay per view, taking its time letting everything sink in your paying for the psychology the storytelling. Then Pillman interferes & the match ends in a DQ. Luger saves Sting but not Hogan from the beat down. Savage comes in to save Hogan, Sting hit him and everyone is emotional.
Episode 16
Oh yea, historical episode announcer run down, Madusa shows up & drops the women's title in the trash. Mongo says he is uncomfortable with wrestlers just coming up to the announce desk to air grievences. He brings on Williams "The Refridgerator" Perry as the enforcer.
Flair vs Eddie
decent 1st encounter, unfortunately for me nothing was really stand out for me. Both were playing up the arrogence and looking like they wanted to have some fun wrestling. The match isn't the 5 star battle you'd hope for. Eddie passes out to the figure 4. Afterwards, Arn & Flair cut a promo for the Horsemen. Kevin Sullivan comes out & says there are no alligences, the made no sense.
The Fridge must have been getting a snack, Pittman comes out asks the Brain to be his manager. Pittman sounds like a black republican.
Luger vs Bagwell
Never has someone gotten so far with so little as Bagwell, solid filler match. Bagwell proved to be very athletic before the steroids weighed him down entirely.
Earl Robert Eaton vs Sting
repeat of LugeBagwell, except more technical. Eaton looks like a sloppy Curt Hennig.
Savage vs Giant
Giant dominates in a boring giant fashion, then he climbs to the top rope and things get exciting. Jumping down he misses with a splash. Savage rushes an elbow drop, Giant kicks out. The gropkicks Savage and removes the padding goes for a suplex on the outside of the ring. Savage wraps himself in the ropes, Giant hits the concrete. Giant gets back in the ring Chokeslam leg drop then Hogan comes out for the save with a chair and goes wild. Giant attempts to comeback, Hogan goes wild with the chair again.
Hogan challenges for the title, Savage accepts for two weeks from now.
Episode 17
Pyro on Christmas, Mongo's chihuahua has a beard on.
Luger vs Riggs
Luger toys with his food until his food mounts a decent comeback. Started out like a job out but ends up being fairly competitive. Riggs with clearly the Jannetty.
Mean Gene interviews an annoyed Sting about Luger & Flair in the triangle
Big Bubba vs Sting
Bubba is agile people forget this, not flashy but athletic. As far as action, bland uneventful. As far as the pro aspects of wrestling, it was a solid effort.
Mean Gene inter Luger w/ Hart talks about being the uncrowned champ. Pittman comes down to ask Jimmy toi manage him. Jimmy has him take off his shirt & precedes to body shame him.
Malenko vs JL
Battle of the 2 AEW coaches, Malenko looks like Jeremy piven with hair or Manuel Ferrare with Muscle. Malenko wins by submission but seems like JL is a hurt. He is replay shows him coming off the top rop, while bracing for landing JL puts out this arm & it went the opposite way.
Mean Gene interviews Flair & Jimmy Hart comes out to apologize. Flair seems sober, Ric accepts asks Jimmy to be in his corner. What is Jimmy Hart's ethnicity?
Flair vs Savage:
2nd time its mentioned so.. Mongo had turkey for Xmas dinner y'all. He kept mentioning it so I'll tell the 3 people who read this.
Savage & Flair are strolling through with a slow paced affair. To smaller guys that change up their style depending on who they wrestler aka a professional wrestler. Luger breaks up the match attacking Savage. Sting comes down to break it up take care of Flair. Sting & Savage bicker to close out the show and the year.
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2020.07.31 07:13 Armand28 Smokin Aces is amazing

Ok, I just binged Guy Ritchie movies and wanted another. Got to thinking of a movie I haven’t seen in a bit, so I watched Smokin Aces.
The first act setup got sooo much layed out in 20mins, it’s amazing. The character builds are totally Guy Ritchie, but the pace is amazing, it’s not a jazz rhythm it’s a steady drum solo.
How they pass exposition from group to group to set up not only the main plot but to build the characters is amazing. Yes, ‘show, don’t tell’ is ideal, but they do both so well it shows by telling.
Sooo many characters, think Game of Thrones with everyone introduced in the first episode, and they pull it off.
Great cast, Alicia Keys and her partner (AMAZING job, can’t remember her name, sorry!) and Common were amazing, not to mention Ryan Reynolds and Ray Liotta. Chris Pine was unrecognizable, and Jeremy Piven was Entourage perfect as the arrogant and clueless lead. And Tremor Brothers need their own origins movie! Jason Bateman killed it!
I love this movie, and on the 5th watch I love it more. Killing Afleck in the first half is a bold move, given his star value, but it shows the risks the director took. He was the biggest star, and massive props to Affleck to doing it and the director for shooting it.
Music is great, cast is ridiculous, pacing is relentless, thank you for this movie.
Don’t feel so bad chief. Up in heaven it’s beautiful. I’ll see you up there someday.
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2017.06.22 06:45 tombstoneshadows28 All of the MPAA/CARA-rated films of 2014 (out of the 9,261 films released worldwide that year.)

  1. A Magic Christmas (Director: R. Michael Givens)
  2. Agent F.O.X. (Director: Ge Shuiying)
  3. Dognapped (Director: Berenika Maciejewicz)
  4. Frozen In Time (Director: Alex Leung)
  5. Maya The Bee Movie (Director: Alexs Stadermann)
  6. Rio II (Director: Carlos Saldanha)
  7. Space Dogs: Adventures To The Moon (Directors: Inna Evlannikova, Aleksander Khramtsov, Vadim Sotskov + Mike Disa)
  8. The Boxcar Children (Director: Daniel Chuba, Mark A.Z. Dippé + Kyungho Jo)
  9. The Hero Of Color City (Director: Frank Gladstone)
  1. 16 Stones (Director: Brian Brough)
  2. A Belle For Christmas (Director: Jason Dallas)
  3. A Fine Step (Director: Jonathan Meyers)
  4. A Little Game (Director: Evan Oppenheimer)
  5. A Long Way Off (Directors: Michael Davis + John Errington)
  6. A Matter Of Faith (Director: Rich Christiano)
  7. Ace Wonder: Message from a Dead Man (Director: John Robert Moore)
  8. Against The Sun (Director: Brian Falk)
  9. Alexander And The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day (Director: Miguel Aerteta)
  10. An Evergreen Christmas (Director: Jeremy Culver)
  11. Annie (Director: Will Gluck)
  12. Antboy: Revenge Of The Red Fury (Director: Ask Hasselbalch)
  13. Ava & Lala (Director: undisclosed)
  14. Axel: The Biggest Little Hero (Director: Leo Lee)
  15. Beyond Beyond (Director: Esben Toft Jacobsen)
  16. Big Hero 6 (Directors: Don Hall + Chris Williams)
  17. Black Coffee (Director: Mark Harris)
  18. Bucky And The Squirrels (Director: Allan Katz)
  19. Cantiflas (Director: Sebastian del Amo)
  20. Christian Mingle (Director: Corbin Bernsen)
  21. Dakota’s Summer (Director: Timothy Armstrong)
  22. Dolphin’s Tale II (Director: Charles Martin Smith)
  23. Dude, Where’s My Dog?! (Director: Stephen Langford)
  24. Dwegons And Leprechauns (Director: Tom Walsh)
  25. Earth To Echo (Director: Dave Green)
  26. East Side Sushi (Director: Anthony Lucero)
  27. Falcon Song (Director: Jason Corgan Brown)
  28. Get Santa (Director: Christopher Smith)
  29. God’s Not Dead (Director: Harold Cronk)
  30. Heaven Is For Real (Director: Randall Wallace)
  31. Henry & Me (Director: Barrett Esposito)
  32. Highway To Dhampus (Director: Rick McFarland)
  33. How To Train Your Dragon II (Director: Dean DeBlois)
  34. Inspired Guns (Director: Adam White)
  35. Into The Woods (Director: Rob Marshall)
  36. Lucky Dog (Director: Michael Feifer)
  37. Maleficent (Director: Robert Stromberg)
  38. Million Dollar Arm (Director: Craig Gillespie)
  39. Missing William (Director: Kenn MacRae)
  40. Moms’ Night Out (Directors: Andrew Erwin + Jon Erwin)
  41. Mr. Peabody & Sherman (Director: Rob Minkoff)
  42. Mule-Tide Christmas (Director: Gorka Vázquez)
  43. Mummy, I’m A Zombie (Directors: Beñat Beitia, Ricardo Ramón + MJ Lallo)
  44. Mune: Guardian Of The Moon (Directors: Alexandre Heboyan + Benoît Philippon)
  45. Muppets Most Wanted (Director: James Bobin)
  46. My Dog The Space Traveler (Director: Robin Christian)
  47. Night At The Museum: Secret Of The Tomb (Director: Shawn Levy)
  48. Paddington (Director: Paul King)
  49. Penguins Of Madagascar (Directors: Eric Darnell + Simon J. Smith)
  50. Planes: Fire & Rescue (Director: Roberts Gannaway)
  51. Pudsey The Dog: The Movie (Director: Nick Moore)
  52. Ribbit (Director: Chuck Powers)
  53. Road To The Open (Director: Cole Claassen)
  54. Saving Christmas (Director: Darren Doane)
  55. Small Town Santa (Director: Joel Paul Reisig)
  56. Song Of The Sea (Director: Tomm Moore)
  57. The Adventures Of RoboRex (Director: Stephen Shimek)
  58. The Better Angels (Director: A.J. Edwards)
  59. The Book Of Life (Director: Jorge R. Gutiérrez)
  60. The Boxtrolls (Director: Graham Annable + Anthony Stacchi)
  61. The Dog Who Saved Easter (Director: Sean Olson)
  62. The Hundred-Foot Journey (Director: Lasse Hallström)
  63. The Identical (Director: Dustin Marcellino)
  64. The Incredible Adventure of Jojo (And His Annoying Little Sister Avila) (Director: Brian Schmidt)
  65. The Journey Home (Directors: Roger Spottiswoode + Brandon Quilici)
  66. The Last Straw (Director: Rob Diamond)
  67. The Legend Of Longwood (Director: Lisa Mulcahy)
  68. The Lego Movie (Directors: Phil Lord + Christopher Miller)
  69. The Letters (Director: William Riead)
  70. The Nut Job (Director: Peter Lepeniotis)
  71. The One I Wrote For You (Director: Andrew Lauer)
  72. The Perfect Wave (Director: Bruce Macdonald)
  73. The Princess And The Magic Mirror (Director: Ernesto Padrón)
  74. The Prophet (Directors: Roger Allers, Gaëtan Brizzi, Paul Brizzi, Joan C. Gratz, Mohammed Saeed Harib, Tomm Moore, Nina Paley, Bill Plympton, Joann Sfar + Michal Socha)
  75. The Seventh Dwarf (Director: Boris Aljinovic + Harald Siepermann)
  76. When Marnie Was There (Director: Hiromasa Yonebayashi)
  77. When The Game Stands Tall (Director: Thomas Carter)
  78. Wings: Sky Force Heroes (Directors: Tony Tang + Mychal Simka)
  79. Yellowbird (Director: Christian De Vita)
  1. 23 Blast (Director: Dylan Baker)
  2. 3 Days To Kill (Director: McG)
  3. 3 Hearts (Director: Benoît Jacquot)
  4. 4 Minute Mile (Director: Charles-Olivier Michaud)
  5. 5 Flights Up (Director: Richard Loncraine)
  6. 50 To 1 (Director: Jim Wilson)
  7. 8 Days (Director: Jaco Booyens)
  8. A Brilliant Young Mind (Director: Morgan Matthews)
  9. A Merry Friggin’ Christmas (Director: Tristram Shapeero)
  10. A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence (Director: Roy Andersson)
  11. Alongside Night (Director: J. Neil Schulman)
  12. And So It Goes (Director: Rob Reiner)
  13. Angels In Stardust (Director: William Robert Carey)
  14. Appleseed Alpha (Director: Shinji Aramaki)
  15. Atlas Shrugged: Who Is John Galt? (Director: James Manera)
  16. Authors Anonymous (Director: Ellie Kanner)
  17. Barefoot (Director: Andrew Fleming)
  18. Beauty And The Beast (Director: Christophe Gans)
  19. Before We Go (Director: Chris Evans)
  20. Believe Me (Director: Will Bakke)
  21. Beyond The Lights (Director: Gina Prince-Bythewood)
  22. Big Eyes (Director: Tim Burton)
  23. Big Game (Director: Jalmari Helander)
  24. Big Stone Gap (Director: Adriana Trigiani)
  25. Black Or White (Director: Mike Binder)
  26. Blended (Director: Frank Coraci)
  27. Brick Mansions (Director: Camille Delamarre)
  28. Bullseye (Director: Alex Prister)
  29. Captain America: The Winter Soldier (Directors: Anthony Russo + Joe Russo)
  30. Cesar Chavez (Director: Diego Luna)
  31. Coming Home (Director: Yimou Zhang)
  32. Counterclock (Director: Dylan Hoang)
  33. Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes (Director: Matt Reeves)
  34. Desert Dancer (Director: Richard Raymond)
  35. Destiny (Director: Jeremy Whittaker)
  36. Divergent (Director: Neil Burger)
  37. Doc Holliday’s Revenge (Director: David DeCoteau)
  38. Dracula Untold (Director: Gary Shore)
  39. Draft Day (Director: Ivan Reitman)
  40. Dumb And Dumber To (Directors: Bobby Farrelly + Peter Farrelly)
  41. Edge Of Tomorrow (Director: Doug Liman)
  42. Effie Gray (Director: Richard Laxton)
  43. Elsa & Fred (Director: Michael Radford)
  44. Flight 7500 (Director: Takashi Shimizu)
  45. Frontera (Director: Michael Berry)
  46. Garm Wars: The Last Druid (Director: Mamoru Oshii)
  47. Get On Up (Director: Tate Taylor)
  48. Godzilla (Director: Gareth Edwards)
  49. Guardians Of The Galaxy (Director: James Gunn)
  50. Hercules (Director: Brett Ratner)
  51. I, Frankenstein (Director: Stuart Beattie)
  52. If I Stay (Director: R.J. Cutler)
  53. Innocence (Director: Hilary Brougher)
  54. Interstellar (Director: Christopher Nolan)
  55. Into The Storm (Director: Steven Quale)
  56. Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (Director: Kenneth Branagh)
  57. Jackie & Ryan (Director: Ami Canaan Mann)
  58. Jessabelle (Director: Kevin Greutert)
  59. Jimmy’s Hall (Director: Ken Loach)
  60. Jinn (Director: Ajmal Zaheer Ahmad)
  61. Left Behind (Director: Vic Armstrong)
  62. Light From The Darkroom (Director: Lance McDaniel)
  63. Like A Country Song (Director: Johnny Remo)
  64. Love & Mercy (Director: Bill Pohlad)
  65. Magic In The Moonlight (Director: Woody Allen)
  66. Manglehorn (Director: David Gordon Green)
  67. Miss Julie (Director: Liv Ullmann)
  68. Murder101 (Directors: Michael Phillip Edwards + Sheldon Robins)
  69. My Old Lady (Director: Israel Horovitz)
  70. Need For Speed (Director: Scott Waugh)
  71. No Good Deed (Director: Sam Miller)
  72. Noah (Director: Darren Aronofsky)
  73. Noble (Director: Stephen Bradley)
  74. Non-Stop (Director: Jaume Collet-Serra)
  75. Northern Soul (Director: Elaine Constantine)
  76. Of Mind And Music (Director: Richie Adams)
  77. Old Fashioned (Director: Rik Swartzwelder)
  78. Ouija (Director: Stiles White)
  79. Pawn Sacrifice (Director: Edward Zwick)
  80. Persecuted (Director: Daniel Lusko)
  81. Persistence Of Memory (Director Candace Amiguet)
  82. Phoenix (Director: Christian Petzold)
  83. Pompeii (Director: Paul W.S. Anderson)
  84. Queen Of The Mountains (Director: Sadyk Sher-Niyaz)
  85. Ragamuffin (Director: David Leo Shultz)
  86. Reach Me (Director: John Herzfeld)
  87. Red Sky (Director: Mario Van Peebles)
  88. Ride Along (Director: Tim Story)
  89. RoboCop (Director: José Padilha)
  90. Robot Overlords (Director: Jon Wright)
  91. Rumors Of Wars (Director: Paul Tomborello)
  92. SBK The Movie (Director: Aaron Re)
  93. Saints And Soldiers: The Void (Director: Ryan Little)
  94. Selma (Director: Ava DuVernay)
  95. Seventh Son (Director: Sergei Bodrov)
  96. Sinbad: The Fifth Voyage (Director: Shahin Sean Solimon)
  97. Son Of God (Director: Christopher Spencer)
  98. Song One (Director: Kate Barker-Froyland)
  99. St. Vincent (Director: Theodore Melfi)
  100. Step Up: All In (Director: Trish Sie)
  101. Still Alice (Directors: Richard Glatzer + Wash Westmoreland)
  102. Stonehearst Asylum (Director: Brad Anderson)
  103. Streets Of Hope (Director: Jennifer Tadlock)
  104. Surrender (Director: Danny Rogers)
  105. Taken III (Director: Olivier Megaton)
  106. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Director: Jonathan Liebesman)
  107. Testament Of Youth (Director: James Kent)
  108. The Amazing Spider-Man II (Director: Marc Webb)
  109. The Best Of Me (Director: Michael Hoffman)
  110. The Cobbler (Director: Tom McCarthy)
  111. The Devil’s Hand (Director: Christian E. Christiansen)
  112. The Expendables III (Director: Patrick Hughes)
  113. The Fault In Our Stars (Director: Josh Boone)
  114. The Fluffy Movie: Unity Through Laughter (Directors: Manny Rodriguez + Jay Lavender)
  115. The Good Lie (Director: Philippe Falardeau)
  116. The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies (Director: Peter Jackson)
  117. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay (Pt. 1) (Director: Francis Lawrence)
  118. The Imitation Game (Director: Morten Tyldum)
  119. The Last Five Years (Director: Richard LaGravenese)
  120. The Legend Of Hercules (Director: Renny Harlin)
  121. The Longest Week (Director: Peter Glanz)
  122. The Maze Runner (Director: Wes Ball)
  123. The Monuments Men (Director: George Clooney)
  124. The Other Woman (Director: Nick Cassavetes)
  125. The Quiet Ones (Director: John Pogues)
  126. The Remaining (Director: Casey La Scala)
  127. The Signal (Director: William Eubank)
  128. The Single Moms Club (Director: Tyler Perry)
  129. The Sisterhood Of Night (Director: Caryn Waechter)
  130. The Song (Director: Richard Ramsey)
  131. The Theory Of Everything (Director: James Marsh)
  132. The Two Faces Of January (Director: Hossein Amini)
  133. The Woman In Black II: Angel Of Death (Director: Tom Harper)
  134. Think Like A Man Too (Director: Tim Story)
  135. Til Death Do Us Part (Director: Marcus J. Mosely)
  136. Timbuktu (Director: Abderrahmane Sissako)
  137. Tom Sawyer & Huckleberry Finn (Director: Jo Kastner)
  138. Transcendence (Director: Wally Pfister)
  139. Transformers: Age Of Extinction (Director: Michael Bay)
  140. Two Days, One Night (Directors: Jean-Pierre Dardenne + Luc Dardenne)
  141. Unbroken (Director: Angelina Jolie)
  142. Vampire Academy (Director: Mark Waters)
  143. Veronica Mars (Director: Rob Thomas)
  144. Wayward: The Prodigal Son (Director: Rob Diamond)
  145. What We Did On Our Holiday (Directors: Andy Hamilton + Guy Jenkin)
  146. Where Hope Grows (Director: Chris Dowling)
  147. Winter’s Tale (Director: Akiva Goldsman)
  148. X-Men: Days Of Future Past (Director: Bryan Singer)
  1. $50K and a Call Girl: A Love Story (Director: Seth Grossman)
  2. ’71 (Director: Yann Demange)
  3. 10.000 Km (Director: Carlos Marques-Marcet)
  4. 108 Stitches (Director: David Rountree)
  5. 13 Sins (Director: Daniel Stamm)
  6. 2 Bedroom, 1 Bath (Director: Stanley Yung)
  7. 22 Jump Street (Director: Phil Lord + Christopher Miller)
  8. 3 Nights In The Desert (Director: Gabriel Cowan)
  9. 300: Rise Of An Empire (Director: Noam Murro)
  10. 5 To 7 (Director: Victor Levin)
  11. 99 Homes (Director: Ramin Bahrani)
  12. A Fighting Man (Director: Damian Lee)
  13. A Free Bird (Director: Gregg Russell)
  14. A Good Marriage (Director: Peter Askin)
  15. A Haunted House II (Director: Michael Tiddes)
  16. A Little Chaos (Director: Alan Rickman)
  17. A Long Way Down (Director: Pascal Chaumeil)
  18. A Million Ways To Die In The West (Director: Seth MacFarlane)
  19. A Most Violent Year (Director: J.C. Chandor)
  20. A Most Wanted Man (Director: Anton Corbijn)
  21. A Short History Of Decay (Director: Michael Maren)
  22. A Walk Among The Tombstones (Director: Scott Frank)
  23. About Alex (Director: Jesse Zwick)
  24. About Last Night (Director: Steve Pink)
  25. Addicted (Director: Bille Woodruff)
  26. Adult Beginners (Director: Ross Katz)
  27. After (Director: Pieter Gaspersz)
  28. After The Fall (Director: Saar Klein)
  29. Alex Of Venice (Director: Chris Messina)
  30. Aloft (Director: Claudio Llosa)
  31. Altergeist (Director: Tedi Sarafian)
  32. Amapola (Director: Eugenio Zanetti)
  33. American Heist (Director: Sarik Andreasyan)
  34. American Sniper (Director: Clint Eastwood)
  35. An American In Hollywood (Director: Sai Varadan)
  36. Annabelle (Director: John R. Leonetti)
  37. Ardor (Director: Pablo Fendrik)
  38. As Above, So Below (Director: John Erick Dowdle)
  39. As Night Comes (Director: Richard Zelniker)
  40. Asylum (Director: Todor Chapkanov)
  41. Automata (Director: Gabe Ibáñez)
  42. Back In The Day (Director: Michael Rosenbaum)
  43. Backcountry (Director: Adam MacDonald)
  44. Backtrack (Nazi Vengeance) (Director: Tom Sands)
  45. Balls Out (Director: Andrew Disney)
  46. Before I Go To Sleep (Director: Rowan Joffe)
  47. Behaving Badly (Director: Tim Garrick)
  48. Behind The Door (Director: Kevin Hicks)
  49. Beyond The Reach (Director: Jean-Baptiste Léonetti)
  50. Big Muddy (Director: Jefferson Moneo)
  51. Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) (Director: Alejandro González Iñárritu)
  52. Black Sea (Director: Kevin Macdonald)
  53. Blackbird (Director: Patrik-Ian Polk)
  54. Blood First (Director: Najaa Young)
  55. Born Of War (Director: Vicky Jewson)
  56. Boulevard (Director: Dito Montiel)
  57. Boyhood (Director: Richard Linklater)
  58. Boys Of Abu Ghraib (Director: Luke Moran)
  59. Break Point (Director: Jay Karas)
  60. Burying The Ex (Director: Joe Dante)
  61. By The Gun (Director: James Mottern)
  62. Cake (Director: Daniel Barnz)
  63. California Scheming (Director: Marco Weber)
  64. Calvary (Director: John Michael McDonagh)
  65. Camp X-Ray (Director: Peter Sattler)
  66. Cat Run II (Director: John Stockwell)
  67. Chef (Director: Jon Favreau)
  68. Chemical Peel (Director: Hank Braxtan)
  69. Chrysalis (Director: John Klein)
  70. Clouds Of Sils Maria (Director: Olivier Assayas)
  71. Clown (Director: Jon Watts)
  72. Cold In July (Director: Jim Mickle)
  73. Come Back To Me (Director: Paul Leyden)
  74. Comet (Director: Sam Esmail)
  75. Cooties (Directors: Jonathan Milott + Cary Murnion)
  76. Counterpunch (Director: Kenneth Castillo)
  77. Covert Operation (Director: Mathieu Weschler)
  78. Creep (Director: Patrick Brice)
  79. Cry Now (Director: Alberto Barboza)
  80. Cuban Fury (Director: James Griffiths)
  81. Cut Bank (Director: Matt Shakman)
  82. Cut Snake (Director: Tony Ayres)
  83. Cymbeline (Director: Michael Almereyda)
  84. Dark House (Director: Victor Salva)
  85. Darker Than Night (Director: Henry Bedwell)
  86. Date And Switch (Director: Chris Nelson)
  87. Dead Snow II: Red vs. Dead (Director: Tommy Wirkola)
  88. Dear White People (Director: Justin Simien)
  89. Death Do Us Part (Director: Nicholas Humphries)
  90. Decline Of An Empire (Director: Michael Redwood)
  91. Deliver Us From Evil (Director: Scott Derrickson)
  92. Devil’s Due (Directors: Matt Bettinelli-Olpin + Tyler Gillett)
  93. Disciples (Director: Joe Hollow)
  94. Dying Of The Light (Director: Paul Schrader)
  95. Eden (Director: Shyam Madiraju)
  96. Eden (Director: Mia Hansen-Løve)
  97. Electric Slide (Director: Tristan Patterson)
  98. Endless Love (Director: Shana Feste)
  99. Escobar: Paradise Lost (Director: Andrea Di Stefao)
  100. Everly (Director: Joe Lynch)
  101. Every Little Thing (Director: Amy Berg)
  102. Ex Machina (Director: Alex Garland)
  103. Exanimate (Director: Gavin Presto)
  104. Exists (Director: Eduardo Sánchez)
  105. Exodus: Gods And Kings (Director: Ridley Scott)
  106. Expelled (Director: Alex Goyette)
  107. Falcon Rising (Director: Ernie Barbarash)
  108. Fear Clinic (Director: Robert Hall)
  109. Fishing Without Nets (Director: Cutter Hodierne)
  110. Force Majeure (Director: Ruben Östlund)
  111. Fort Tilden (Directors: Sarah-Violet Bliss + Charles Rogers)
  112. Foxcatcher (Director: Bennett Miller)
  113. Frank (Director: Lenny Abrahamson)
  114. Free Fall (Director: Malek Akkad)
  115. Freedom (Director: Peter Cousens)
  116. Freezer (Director: Mikael Salomon)
  117. Friended To Death (Director: Sarah Smick)
  118. Fury (Director: David Ayer)
  119. Félix & Meira (Director: Maxime Giroux)
  120. Gemma Bovery (Director: Anne Fontaine)
  121. Gloria (Director: Christian Keller)
  122. God’s Pocket (Director: John Slattery)
  123. Gone Girl (Director: David Fincher)
  124. Good Kill (Director: Andrew Niccol)
  125. Good People (Director: Henrik Ruben Genz)
  126. Goodnight, Mommy (Directors: Severin Fiala + Veronika Franz)
  127. Grace: The Possession (Director: Jeff Chan)
  128. Guardian Angel (Director: Vahik Pirhamzei)
  129. Gunshot Straight (Director: Justin Steele)
  130. Happy Christmas (Director: Joe Swanberg)
  131. Haunt (Director: Mac Carter)
  132. Haunting Of Cellblock 11 (Director: Andrew P. Jones)
  133. Healing (Director: Craig Monahan)
  134. Heaven Knows What (Directors: Ben Safdie + Joshua Safdie)
  135. Hector And The Search For Happiness (Director: Peter Chelsom)
  136. Helen Alone (Director: Henrik Bech Poulsen)
  137. Hellion (Director: Kat Chandler)
  138. Hollows Grove (Director: Craig Efros)
  139. Honeymoon (Director: Leigh Janiak)
  140. Horrible Bosses II (Director: Sean Anders)
  141. House At The End Of The Drive (Director: David Worth)
  142. I Origins (Director: Mike Cahill)
  143. Iceman (Director: Wing-Cheong Law)
  144. In Order Of Disappearance (Director: Hans Petter Moland)
  145. In The Blood (Director: John Stockwell)
  146. In The Courtyard (Director: Pierre Salvadori)
  147. In The Name Of My Daughter (Director: André Téchiné)
  148. In The Name Of The King: The Last Job (Director: Uwe Boll)
  149. Indigenous (Director: Alastair Orr)
  150. Infinitely Polar Bear (Director: Maya Forbes)
  151. Inherent Vice (Director: Paul Thomas Anderson)
  152. It Follows (Director: David Robert Mitchell)
  153. Jarhead II: Field Of Fire (Director: Don Michael Paul)
  154. Jersey Boys (Director: Clint Eastwood)
  155. Jersey Shore Massacre (Director: Paul Tarnopol)
  156. John Doe: Vigilante (Director: Kelly Dolen)
  157. John Wick (Director: Chad Stahelski + David Leitch)
  158. Julia (Director: Matthew A. Brown)
  159. Just Before I Go (Director: Courtney Cox)
  160. Kelly & Cal (Director: Jen McGowan)
  161. Kill Me Three Times (Director: Kriv Stenders)
  162. Kill The Messenger (Director: Michael Cuesta)
  163. Kilo Two Bravo (Director: Paul Katis)
  164. Kingsman: The Secret Service (Director: Matthew Vaughn)
  165. Kite (Director: Ralph Ziman)
  166. Kony Montana (Director: Patryk Depa)
  167. Labyrinth Of Lies (Director: Giulio Ricciarelli)
  168. Laggies (Director: Lynn Shelton)
  169. Land Ho! (Directors: Aaron Katz + Martha Stephens)
  170. Lap Dance (Director: Greg Carter)
  171. Last Shift (Director: Anthony DiBlasi)
  172. Learning To Drive (Director: Isabel Coixet)
  173. Leprechaun: Origins (Director: Zach Lipovsky)
  174. Let’s Be Cops (Director: Luke Greenfield)
  175. Leviathan (Director: Andrey Zvyagintsev)
  176. Life After Beth (Director: Jeff Baena)
  177. Life Partners (Director: Susanna Fogel)
  178. Like Sunday, Like Rain (Director: Frank Whaley)
  179. Locker 13 (Directors: Bruce Dellis, Jason Marsden, Matthew Mebane, Adam Montierth + Donovan Montierth)
  180. Lords Of London (Director: Antonio Simoncini)
  181. Lost River (Director: Ryan Gosling)
  182. Love Is Strange (Director: Ira Sachs)
  183. Love, Rosie (Director: Christian Ditter)
  184. Low Down (Director: Jeff Preiss)
  185. Lucy (Director: Luc Besson)
  186. Lullaby (Director: Andrew Levitas)
  187. Madame Bovery (Director: Sophie Barthes)
  188. Making The Rules (Director: Jimbo Lee)
  189. Mall (Director: Joseph Hahn)
  190. Maps To The Stars (Director: David Cronenberg)
  191. Match (Director: Stephen Belber)
  192. Matthew 18 (Director: Roy Belfrey)
  193. Mea Culpa (Director: Fred Cavayé)
  194. Men, Women & Children (Director: Jason Reitman)
  195. Mercy (Director: Peter Cornwell)
  196. Mommy (Director: Xavier Dolan)
  197. Monsters: Dark Continent (Director: Tom Green)
  198. Mr. Turner (Director: Mike Leigh)
  199. Muffin Top: A Love Story (Director: Cathryn Michon)
  200. My Man Is A Loser (Director: Mike Young)
  201. Neighbors (Director: Nicholas Stoller)
  202. NightLights (Director: David Midell)
  203. Nightcrawler (Director: Dan Gilroy)
  204. Northmen - A Viking Saga (Director: Claudio Fäh)
  205. Obvious Child (Director: Gillian Robespierre)
  206. Operation Rogue (Director: Brian Clyde)
  207. Out Of The Dark (Director: Lluís Quílez)
  208. Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones (Director: Christopher Landon)
  209. Parts Per Billion (Director: Brian Horiuchi)
  210. Phantom Halo (Director: Antonia Bogdanovich)
  211. Plastic (Director: Julian Gilbey)
  212. Playing It Cool (Director: Justin Reardon)
  213. Predestination (Directors: Michael Spierig + Peter Spierig)
  214. Premature (Director: Dan Beer)
  215. Pride (Director: Matthew Warchus)
  216. Private Number (Director: LazRael Lison)
  217. Puncture Wounds (Director: Giorgio Serafini + James Coyne)
  218. Reasonable Doubt (Director: Peter Howitt)
  219. [rec.] 4: Apocalypse (Director: Jaume Balagueró)
  220. Reclaim (Director: Alan White)
  221. Revenge Of The Green Dragons (Directors: Wai-Keung Lau + Andrew Loo)
  222. Ride (Director: Helen Hunt)
  223. Rio, I Love You (Directors: Vicente Amorim, Guillermo Arriaga, Stephan Elliott, Sang-soo Im, Nadine Labaki, Fernando Meirelles, José Padilha, Carlos Saldanha, Paolo Sorrentino, John Turturro, Andrucha Waddington + César Charlone)
  224. Road To Paloma (Director: Jason Momoa)
  225. Rob The Mob (Director: Raymond De Felitta)
  226. Rosewater (Director: Jon Stewart)
  227. Rudderless (Director: William H. Macy)
  228. Runoff (Director: Kimberly Levin)
  229. SEAL Patrol (Director: Nicholas Aaron Mezzanatto)
  230. Sabotage (Director: David Ayer)
  231. Saint Laurent (Director: Bertrand Bonello)
  232. Samba (Directors: Olivier Nakache + Eric Toledano)
  233. School Dance (Director: Nick Cannon)
  234. Search Party (Director: Scot Armstrong)
  235. Sector 4: Extraction (Director: Olivier Gruner)
  236. See No Evil II (Director: Jen Soska + Sylvia Soska)
  237. Serena (Director: Susanne Bier)
  238. Sex Tape (Director: Jake Kasdan)
  239. She’s Funny That Way (Director: Peter Bogdanovich)
  240. Sin City: A Dame To Kill For (Directors: Frank Miller + Robert Rodriguez)
  241. Sins Of Our Youth (Director: Gary Entin)
  242. Skin Trade (Director: Ekachai Uekrongtham)
  243. Small Time (Director: Joel Surnow)
  244. Some Kind Of Beautiful (Director: Tom Vaughan)
  245. Something Wicked (Director: Darin Scott)
  246. Son Of A Gun (Director: Julius Avery)
  247. Space Station 76 (Director: Jack Plotnick)
  248. Stage Fright (Director: Jerome Sable)
  249. Stretch (Director: Joe Carnahan)
  250. Suburban Gothic (Director: Richard Bates, Jr.)
  251. Swelter (Director: Keith Parmer)
  252. T-Rex (Director: Mickey Reece)
  253. Tammy (Director: Ben Falcone)
  254. Tapped Out (Director: Allan Ungar)
  255. Teen Lust (Director: Blaine Thurier)
  256. Tell (Director: J.M.R. Luna)
  257. That Awkward Moment (Director: Tom Gormican)
  258. The Angriest Man In Brooklyn (Director: Phil Alden Robinson)
  259. The Appearing (Director: Daric Gates)
  260. The Bag Man (Director: David Grovic)
  261. The Barber (Director: Basel Owies)
  262. The Blackout (Then There Was) (Director: Louis Mandylor)
  263. The Blood Lands (Director: Simeon Halligan)
  264. The Blue Room (Director: Mathieu Amalric)
  265. The Calling (Director: Jason Stone)
  266. The Captive (Director: Atom Egoyan)
  267. The Connection (Director: Cédric Jimenez)
  268. The Dark Horse (Director: James Napier Robertson)
  269. The Dead Lands (Director: Toa Fraser)
  270. The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Them (Director: Ned Benson)
  271. The Drop (Director: Michaël R. Roskam)
  272. The End Of Something (Director: Colin Rivera)
  273. The Equalizer (Director: Antoine Fuqua)
  274. The Forger (Director: Philip Martin)
  275. The Four 3 (Director: Gordon Chan)
  276. The Gambler (Director: Rupert Wyatt)
  277. The Giver (Director: Phillip Noyce)
  278. The Grand Budapest Hotel (Director: Wes Anderson)
  279. The Guest (Director: Adam Wingard)
  280. The Homesman (Director: Tommy Lee Jones)
  281. The Humbling (Director: Barry Levinson)
  282. The Hungover Games (Director: Josh Stolberg)
  283. The Interview (Directors: Evan Goldberg + Seth Rogen)
  284. The Judge (Director: David Dobkin)
  285. The Keeping Room (Director: Daniel Barber)
  286. The Last Diamond (137 Karat) (Director: Eric Barbier)
  287. The Living (Director: Jack Bryan)
  288. The Loft (Director: Erik Van Looy)
  289. The Lost Legion (Director: David Kocar + Petr Kubik)
  290. The M Word (Director: Henry Jaglom)
  291. The New Girlfriend (Director: François Ozon)
  292. The November Man (Director: Roger Donaldson)
  293. The One I Love (Director: Charlie McDowell)
  294. The Popcorn Chronicles (Director: Emilio Portes)
  295. The Possession Of Michael King (Director: David Jung)
  296. The Prince (Director: Brian A. Miller)
  297. The Purge: Anarchy (Director: James DeMonaco)
  298. The Pyramid (Director: Grégory Levasseu)
  299. The Raid II (Director: Gareth Evans)
  300. The Reckoning (Director: John V. Soto)
  301. The Riot Club (Director: Lone Scherfig)
  302. The Road Within (Director: Gren Wells)
  303. The Rover (Director: David Michôd)
  304. The Salvation (Director: Kristian Levring)
  305. The Scribbler (Director: John Suits)
  306. The Silent Storm (Director: Corinna McFarlane)
  307. The Skeleton Twins (Director Craig Johnson)
  308. The Sound And The Shadow (Director: Justin Paul Miller)
  309. The Suicide Theory (Director: Dru Brown)
  310. The Taking Of Deborah Logan (Director: Adam Robitel)
  311. The Target (Director: Chang)
  312. The Town That Dreaded Sundown (Director: Alfonso Gomez-Rejon)
  313. The Toy Soldiers (Director: Erik Peter Carlson)
  314. The Voices (Director: Marjane Satrapi)
  315. The Water Diviner (Director: Russell Crowe)
  316. The Young Kieslowski (Director: Kerem Sanga)
  317. They Came Together (Director: David Wain)
  318. They Exist (Director: BuAli Shah)
  319. This Is Where I Leave You (Director: Shawn Levy)
  320. Throwdown (Director: Timothy Woodward, Jr.)
  321. Top Five (Director: Chris Rock)
  322. Trash (Directors: Stephen Daldry + Christian Duurvoort)
  323. Tusk (Director: Kevin Smith)
  324. Two Men I Town (Director: Rachid Bouchareb)
  325. Two Night Stand (Director: Max Nichols)
  326. Two-Bit Waltz (Director: Clara Mamet)
  327. Unfriended (Director: Levan Gabriadze)
  328. Unsullied (Director: Simeon Rice)
  329. V/H/S Viral (Directors: Justin Benson, Gregg Bishop, Todd Lincoln, Aaron Moorhead, Marcel Sarmiento + Nacho Vigalondo)
  330. Walk Of Shame (Director: Steven Brill)
  331. Warrior Princess (Director: Shuuertsetseg Baatarsuren)
  332. We’ll Never Have Paris (Directors: Simon Helberg + Jocelyn Towne)
  333. Welcome To Me (Director: Shira Piven)
  334. Welcome To New York (Director: Abel Ferrara)
  335. What We Do In The Shadows (Directors: Jemaine Clement + Taika Waititi)
  336. Wheels (Directors: Tim Gagliardo + Donavon Warren)
  337. While We’re Young (Director: Noah Baumbach)
  338. Whiplash (Director: Damien Chazelle)
  339. White Bird In A Blizzard (Director: Gregg Araki)
  340. White God (Director: Kornél Mundruczó)
  341. Wild (Director: Jean-Marc Vallée)
  342. Wild Tales (Director: Damián Szifron)
  343. Wish I Was Here (Director: Zach Braff)
  344. Wolves (Director: David Hayter)
  345. Wrong Turn VI: Last Resort (Director: Valeri Milev)
  346. You’re Not You (Director: George C. Wolfe)
  347. Young Ones (Director: Jake Paltrow)
  348. Yves Saint Laurent (Director: Jalil Lespert)
  349. Zarra’s Law (Director: Juha Wuolijoki)
  350. Zombeavers (Director: Jordan Rubin)
  1. Lucky Bastard (Director: Robert Nathan)
  2. Swearnet: The Movie (Director: Warren P. Sonoda)
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Art "So It Goes," Microsoft Word, 11" x 8.5" Microsoft
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worldnews Print Email Facebook Twitter More Donald Trump accuses Barack Obama of being behind protests against his administration Twitter
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videos A Microsoft tech support scammer called me while i was playing Overwatch, so i asked him what character i should play as Microsoft
news Indian traders boycott Coca-Cola for 'straining water resources'. Campaigners in drought-hit Tamil Nadu say it is unsustainable to use 400 litres of water to make a 1 litre fizzy drink Coca-Cola
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Art 'Moon'. Digital Fan Art movie poster by Omega Man 5000. 2014. Omega
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AskReddit When a major corporations like Walmart or McDonald's takes money for a good charitable cause, Do they getting a tax write off on my money? Walmart
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2015.02.26 20:04 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: Adrian Grenier: actor, filmmaker, friend of @lonelywhale. AMA!

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Date: 2015-02-26
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♥ Welcome Adrian! About The Lonely Whale project (which I love)...will it be fairly easy to find the whale based on the frequency? And do you know he is still alive? This quest is going to be very difficult. Any work on the open ocean is dangerous and difficult. We may not be able to find him, but we will definitely be able to acoustically tag hybrid whales, which has NEVER been done before, and get some real data on why may be speaking a different language. Could be because of man made ocean noise. He is still alive, and we heard him recently, but will need to triangulate his position and that requires some hard core calculations from our team of scientist.
What is the main goal of Lonely Whale? If best case scenario happens, what does this organization hope to learn? We want to make a film about @lonelywhale and his history, how we discovered him and what he has to say to us humans, about being human. We are also funding a real life scientific quest to understand better the effects of ocean noise pollution on the way marine mammals are able to communicate. We are drowning out their call, and disrupting their ability to connect. We can relate, because we know how important it is to connect with others of our own species.
Do you know for certain if 52 is male? We do know that he is a male, because only males sing...Yea, I didn't know that either.
Is there a team of divers and photographers that will capture his image and sound under the water when you find him? Yes, we will be filming the quest, including underwater footage. Shawn Heinrichs is our cinematographer and he is incredible. However, we may not see lonley whale, because it is very difficult to find a single whale, but we will certainly film and tag acoustically lots of hybrid whales. which has never been done before.
Huge fan Adrian! My question for you is: what is the most important thing a human can do to help whales like the lonely whale and other aquatic animals that communicate at different frequencies? We need scientists to do what they do. Help give them the funding so they can give us the data we need to help convince legislators to put forth laws that protect them. We also need to all come together as a society, as humans, and agree that we need to put resources towards protecting other beings. If we can't save whales that are endangered, how can we save ourselves. they have been around longer that us, since the dinosaurs...
Is there a way we can get involved in Lonely Whale? Yes! First please do donate to our fundraiser But also it's a "friend-Raiser" so be his friend on social @lonelywhale and we also celebrate the unique voice of everyone. So call out, make art, music, poems...anything inspired by lonely whale. So many from around the world are posting, it's a big community of compassion.
What are things as a society that we are doing that is drowning their call? Oil drilling, etc? Man ocean noise can get as loud as the equivalent of 100,000 jet engines. Because of the density of water, the temperature and depth, sound can travels thousands of miles and tends to subsist. So when all the noise begins to merge and continue to grow, it can get really bad. I'll ask jackiesavitz to give some more details.
What inspired you to do Lonely Whale? The minute I heard the story i was moved to help. I can relate to @lonelywhale - I was a bit of an outcast when I was younger, so I know what it's like to be lonely. I think he inspires people to be kinder to others, even if they seem different. empathy and compassion is what his message is.
Your character of Vince seems so different from the real you (based on your various documentary pursuits). What was it like playing that character for so much of your career? I am so proud of having had an opportunity to play such an iconic character, on a era defining show. It has also giving me an opportunity to continue to pursue my passion for film making and documentaries. I hope that all the love that entourage gets, translates to my work in documentaries and for the oceans. needs an entourage too after all.
Adrian, Do you know if any links have been made between the whales frequency and frequencies used by navy operations? Can't wait for the film by the way. There is so much to study. Certainly all of man made ocean noise, military, oil exploration and commercial shipping (yea, it's a lot now with all the imports from China) have an effect on marine wildlife. Our scientists are going to get to understand better all of this. But we need to give them the financing to do it. Thanks, great question.
Hey Adrien! I don't mean to sound insulting.. but how did you get associated to this? Are you interested in Marine biology, or did something happen to associate you to this project? Also, how cool is Jeremy Piven? He seems like such a super chill guy!!! Hey, I have been an avid diver and ocean lover. I've seen first hand how man has negatively effected the oceans. At this rate we won't have oceans to swim in or enjoy in the next 25 years. No joke.
I have also been making documentaries for the past 15 years. i believe it's important to tell the stories that transform us, hearts and minds.
Loved entourage but my question is about "how to make money selling drugs" I loved it probably one of the better docs I've seen in recent years...what made you guys want to make that documentary? My friend and director Matthew Cooke had a post-it note up on his idea board with the title "how to make money selling drugs" - it caught my eye and he educated me on what he had researched about the failed war on drugs. I committed to making the film with him right then and there. fun movie, but with an important message.
How do the behavioral characteristics of a lone whale differ from those in a pod? We know so little about hybrid whales (who are increasing in number, and what Lonelywhale is believed to be) so that is one thing our scientists are looking to understand better. We know less about the oceans than we do the surface of the moon.
What's a hybrid whale? A cross between two species of whale.
So what happens when you do find the whale? Is there a plan in place to help the whale join a pod? Is that even possible? Our goal is understanding. There are laws in place that wouldn't allow us to interfere with whales natural state. But through the science data we can better know how to prevent man made ocean noise from effecting their natural state.
I would like to know more about this whole. Are there any others or is this the last of his kind? Where in the area of the world would he live? We do too! that's why we are doing this project and looking for the community to come on this quest of discovery. We want to understand better all of these things. No one has dared to support scientists to do the work they have been asking for.
Hey Adrian! My questions are how did you personally get into this project? Do you have any pets of your own? Thank you! I don't have pets. i travel too much unfortunately. But I always imagine when you come home to a dog, who's been alone all day and how happy they are. So i know that @lonelywhale must desire connection, even if he is not human.
Hi Adrian. Once funding is met, when do you all plan to start your quest and do you know where you will look first? We need to meet our goal in order to make our window in late summer. That' s when scientists believe @lonelywhale will be close enough for us to reasonably attempt to triangulate his location. And also where the hybrid whales will be migrating.
Hi! What are your favorite places that you've traveled to? Oh man. That's tough. I love Europe. Australia is great too. Africa was incredible when I went recently, but man, so many awesome places around the world. I am hoping to get to Ibiza for the first time soon.
In general, what is the value of 'exposure'? Films like Blackfish illustrate it at its very best, but it was pretty exceptional. By in large, the light gets shone and moves on - whether it be on artists, causes, ideas... With lonely whale we have lots of long term ocean support initiatives planned. We will work with our partners, like who is doing real legislation work to make sure the oceans are protected. So awareness is the first step, and than diligent work to change things must continue.
Adrian, Did Jason Momoa ask you if he could be Aquaman? No sir. That was a whole side deal. I'm excited to share the role with him. He can be in the movie, and I'll do work for the ocean in real life with - hope you join the adventure.
Who was your favorite on-screen kiss? What's your favorite thing you purchased in the last 3 months for $100 or less? What's your current biggest goal? I don't kiss and tell I love breakfasts. I usually don't buy a lot of things I can't eat. My biggest goal is to make @Lonelywhale a global symbol for ocean health. Please help, join the quest ...
Hey Adrian , Do you smoke cigarettes ? NO! I regret to say that I smoked for many years when I was younger, but quit and it was the best thing that I ever did for myself. literally the best.
I thought Shot In The Dark was great. It was a really deep movie. I give you credit for putting all that stuff out there. How have things been with John Dunbar since the movie? Hey, thanks. That means a lot to me. I just talked to my dad the other day. I am glad that I did that. I think documentaries are such a great way to explore a subject and get to understand the world a little better.
What was the most difficult on-set experience and if it was; how was it solved? :~) Kevin Dillon and I had a bit of a row when we both were trying to play the pin ball machine that was set dressing during lunch. You know brotherly friction. ;)
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2014.02.18 00:11 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: Hey, it's John Cusack. You can ask me anything.

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Date: 2014-02-17
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Questions Answers
John, you were a big supporter of Obama before he was elected, and I believe even attended his inauguration. Considering how disappointing he has been on so many levels (prosecution of whistleblowers, "most transparent administration ever" etc), do you think the political process in this country is irreparably broken? Do you think a President has the power to keep the promises that Obama made pre-election? Our constitutional system, with its checks and balances and protection of rights, has been under attack since 9/11... The Fourth Amendment is near death; and President Obama’s remedies in his speech, are no better than band-aids and aspirin, are in reality even less than that. His speeches seem to be designed and intended only to improve the public’s mood about the way things are and will remain, to restore confidence in a system that does not deserve trust.
The president is showing no signs of being in control of the intelligence community; either it controls him, or they simply are in sync, and in full agreement-- he ended up rejecting even the recommendations of his own hand-picked panels. He gives lip service to the problems in his speeches but we know by now the vast difference between his rhetocic and policy..
Annnd... you've been added to the No Fly List. Been on it for years probably.
I loved the movie "1408." You were great! Very suspenseful. Will you and Samuel L. Jackson ever do another scary movie together? Working on The Cell right now! Stephen King.
John, What's the deal with your characters being so bad at picking hotel/motel accommodations? Right?
If you were to stand outside my bedroom window holding up a boom box, what song would you play for me? I probably wouldn't do that..cause I did that in a movie you know..
, Grosse Point Blank. One of my "must see" movies - so many threads through the movie... and hilarious. Second, what do you see as the biggest change coming to Hollywood & consumer viewing? Are you ready for those changes? Yes, I kind of love them. The ability to directly tell people who want to see your stuff that didn't exist before. The film business is not what it was...big tent pole cartoons in place of adult film studios following Madison Ave. in creating a youth fetish vibe where everything has to be about 20 year olds. TV's taking that space film used to, and I love the idea of giving a film directly to audience. I'm going to do that soon with a small film I made call Dictablonda.
I'm all for change. And think we will always need stories and myths..
For example, Adult World, a very small little film that has no backing or muscle can get directly bought because Emma Roberts and I can tell anyone interested where to get it. When I was a kid no one saw those films. Now you can always find your audience.
What kinds of changes would you like to see made to US law to protect journalists? First thing we need to do is repeal the Espionage Act. It's a law intended for spies being used against journalists' sources. And as my friend Dan Ellsberg says (he was the first source prosecuted under the Act), it's blatantly unconstitutional. Here's something we wrote explaining why the law is inherently unfair: Link to
Another thing we need to do is guarantee the rights of journalists crossing the border. Right now, my two fellow board members, Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras, both US citizens, don't think it's safe to return to the US because they could be detained or arrested crossing the border. This is unacceptable, just as it's unacceptable for all the Muslim Americans that are unjustifiably detained every year. There's a great HuffPost piece on this, by one of their journalists who is regularly stopped for the crime of being Muslim: Link to
Here's something I wrote for the Guardian about how Eric Holder needs to guarantee these journalists safe passage back to the US: Link to
You are President Obama for a day, tomorrow let's say. What are your priorities? End assassination programs and end the mass surveillance programs by executive order, bring home our troops from Afghanistan, pass an infrastructure bill to rebuild public works and put people to work... to name a few things.
Does John Malkovich hang out with you? Yes actually! Old friends from before the film and I loved him as a stage and film actor and one of the funniest, smartest guys i know.. one of my favorite dinner companions.
He's in Chicago often and just saw him in Puerto Rico.
High Fidelity is one of my most favourite movies of all time! How was your experience working on it with Jack Black? I love Jack, one of the sweetest, funniest guys I've ever met.. I'm only pissed I can't figure out how to work with him again.. but I'm stubborn!
Also: How did you get Edward Snowden to join your organization? I imagine he's a hard guy to get a hold of. Do you guys support The Tor Project? Thanks! Yes we do support Tor, check it out: Link to
As far as talking to ed, our board has on it the two reporters who broke his stories, Laura and Glenn..
Hey John, I know previously you spoke out about your feelings towards the war in Iraq, and the Bush administration. It's wonderful how open you are about your political views. What are you feelings about how much progress has been made, and the steps being taken by today's government to end it? Complicated many ways we have not righted the wrongs on the power grab made after the tragedy of 9/11...Obama took an oath to restore and defend the Constitution that was not written in a way the nation security state and the neocons and Dick Cheney would openly prefer. He's failed miserably in that regard. We don't live in the country our fathers did..
The Bill of Rights is not written for the convenience or aspirations of presidents or their subordinates. It is meant to help us defend our freedoms from them: to prevent them from “doing their job” (even if they see that as “protecting us”) or from serving their own interests (consciously or not) in ways that impinge on our core freedoms.
Its good to see someone in the public eye not afraid to speak negatively about the Obama administration. It still bothers me to see people blindly supporting him when he's done so much harmful shit. Is democracy even possible, with the existence of these mass surveillance programs te the authority executive branch and government has claimed since 9-11? it was a power grab.
Can people really say “I have nothing to hide, so why should I worry?” are we that far gone that intdocrinated to defer to power? Do they, or care about, what their representatives in Congress might have to hide? Or judges? Or in particular, journalists and their sources?
Without investigative journalism, there is little or no chance of remaining a constitutional, democratic rights. Without anonymity of sources, there will be little or no investigative reporting.
Lawyer client privilege? good luck ..not if its all collected at the servers. as dan ellsberg reiterated time and time again to us at FPF.
Given the current capabilities and practices of NSA, FBI, CIA—no reporter can promise, in good faith, anonymity to any sources. With the destruction of the Fourth Amendment (as it applies to sources and journalists) the First Amendment protection of freedom of the press (and even, speech and freedom of assembly) is fatally undermined: and with it, the prospects of democracy.
Thanks to FPF board member ed snowden we are in a constitutional crises -- and we finally all know it-- people know its a fight.. we had a mission creep Executive coup that occurred after 9-11, with the full complicity of Congress. there’s a chance,now that Snowden’s awakened us to how far down our democracy has fallen and we have an opportunity to rise to the challenge .
The First or Fourth Amendments need to be guarded as much as the second if we are to have any hope..
I didn’t really expect Obama actually to expand Bush’s practices of secrecy (after promising unprecedented transparency): multiple prosecutions of leakers, expanded use of state secrets privilege, greater authority of government operations in national and homeland security field ,expansion of surveillance state. i dont think anyone saw that comming, really..or to the extent which he went all in with the bush cheny version of constitution not the one they all swore an oath too.. Obama speaks of trusting NSA and himself, he says nothing of the historic record in the 60’s under LBJ& Nixon,actions against antiwar groups including the Quakers and Catholics, black activists, civil liberties groups, any critics of the FBI including those who wrote letters to newspapers. Along with the FBI, CIA and Army. All done by family men, in the FBI largely churchgoing Catholics from Catholic universities like Fordham and Notre Dame and Georgetown. (nobody denys this history,)
That was exposed and ended by antiwar activists in Media, Pa., in an act as courageous as Snowden’s own civil disobedience, and Manning’s; by reporters leaks (to Hersh and others); strong investigations by Church and Pike, leading to legislative reforms.
Without leaks, we would know nothing of the latter crimes.
IF torture is not going on right now ) that is solely because of leaks. Is there any reason to believe that Obama or Bush would have stopped any of these without public awareness from leaks? Just on the basis of internal investigation, and yet we are asked t trust officials - one who has already lied to congress-- about the dangers,and harm to Americans or others on a vast scale? Should we trust them?
In the matter of judgment as to what the public should know and needs to know about NSA or DOD, yes, the judgment of Snowden has proven more reliable than that of, say Diane Feinstein, or Clapper or Alexander.
Mr. Cusack, if you are being 100% honest to yourself, how many five year olds do you think you could beat in a fight? Like, say you had to face one at a time, there were no breaks between contender, and it was hand to hand. Edit: Thanks John Cusack for the gold!!! Like 400 totally..
What exactly do you not like about Better Off Dead? It's gotten better with age as a send-up of eighties movie tropes, and is entertaining from beginning to end as far as I can tell. It's kind of been blown way out of proportion... I feel bad people think I hate it, I don't.. I'm glad people are so fond of it. I gave a interview where someone sort of misquoted me...
Now that's a real shame when folks be misquotin' a perfectly good white boy like that... Agree.. I wish Steve Holland nothing but the best and am sorry he feels bad after all these years..truly. I'm sure he's fine of course, and when people love your movie after many years he should take satisfaction in that, as I'm sure he does.
There was a piece in EW about the movie when it came on Blu-ray not too long ago, the account that 'Savage' Steve Holland gives doesn't paint a pretty picture. Link to I was like 17...I don't even remember it all that well. It was an awesome script...did my best..all good.
Favourite moment of filming Hot Tub Time Machine? Finishing the cut in the studio alone with my producing partner...Fighting and winning and getting all the things in the film that the audiences liked -- and being 100% right...
Why are you a bad guy in every movie now? You're pissing off my wife. I got some good guys coming next year.
Thanks for doing this John! And thank you for FPF! Excellent foundation. High Fidelity has always been my favorite movie of all time, can you tell us a little bit about your experiences off camera with Jack Black and Tim Robbins? That movie sounded so fun to make! Old friends.. Jack I didn't know as well as Tim... but we were all banging around LA together.. great guys.
Hey John, nice to meet you. How did you meet Hunter s. Thompson? what was he like? Southern gentleman, dangerous character, hilarious, and always the smartest guy in the room.
Do you smoke cannabis? and or support legalization? Support legalization but don't like the drug personally.
The war on drugs is an abysmal failure and does more harm then good and feeds the privatized prison industry and produces more addiction, not less.
Read Gabor Mate's excellent "In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts" for more info on that..
Does it bother you (like it bothers us) that you have never been in serious consideration for an Oscar? No.. not at all--there a lot of politics to awards stuff... I've been very lucky to be kind of in Hollywood and outside it at same time. I don't know how but it's seems to work. I'm very grateful...
What movie role would you accept in a heartbeat if it's offered to you? Doctor Sleep.
What is the real story between Piven and you? Grew up together in chicago. Old friend...
Hey John, I hope I'm not too late! I heard that you had a big hand in picking the (awesome) soundtrack for High Fidelity. Are you a big music/record guy? How did you go about picking the songs, knowing that they had to be "snob-approved"? It was no problem as I'm a snob..
Thank you for this John. I have two questions: 1) given that you are a HUGE supporter of journalistic freedom and restoration of privacy, how would you handle those that continue to invade our privacy online (read: criminals) and 2) can you give us a personal anecdote, or tipping point that led you to bring your voice to this cause? Interesting what Ed Snowden revealed was criminal activity at the highest levels of government.. Remember the hysteria and the slurs? They threw everything at him to discredit him and render him harmless. In a way the hysteria is a very reliable indicator of state abuse...who is abusing privacy the most? Now it's the state.
How are your kickboxing skills going? You still train martial arts? And what was it like training with the amazing Benny "The Jet" Urquidez? Im sure you have seen that fight scene with him and Jackie Chan in wheels on meals? Benny is grandmaster... the best of the best an honor to be with him always. That fight scene is amazing.
How did you get involved with Freedom of the Press Foundation? Can you talk about something you're proud of as a result of your involvement? I'm proud of everything we've done. It was pretty awesome to get professional stenographers into the Chelsea Manning trial when the government refused to release their own transcripts. We forced transparency where there wasn't any before. We funded Alexa O'Brien to cover that trial too, who is amazing. Xeni and Rainey did amazing work for us to make it all happen too.
Hey John, why do you continue to ignore my engagement proposals? I guess im shy.
Have you ever voted for a Republican? No... the system is so badly broken that at this point I think all the pressure has to come from outside the sytem...its interesting to realize that the left is now (as far as domestic policy is concerned) far to the right of Richard Nixon..
John, I respect your support and work on the right to privacy and journalistic freedom. Does your organization extend its views on privacy rights to health and health care? And how do you, or do you see any similarities in terms of policy solutions? We're promoting a bunch of great encryption tools as a way for journalists and sources to talk safely to each other, but it's important to remember the tools can and should be used by everyone. Mass surveillance means everyone's communications are being collected. Doctor-Client privilege, lawyer-client privilege, and others are all being trampled. We focus on protecting press freedom, but we fight for the privacy rights of everyone.
Do you think Hollywood cares more about the Democratic platform than true liberal ideals? I don't think Hollywood thinks in a group and I certainly don't know what that group would think if it did ... we are in a free fall.
Can you tell us how you came to join the Freedom of Press Board ? I think my friends JP Barlow and Xeni Jardin first got in contact with me and told me about the amazing idea behind FPF a few weeks before we ended up launching. We all similar political interests, and I either knew most of the people on the board or admired their work.
Link to
Link to
And the interview with Naomi Klein on the Shock Doctrine while I was doing the satire film War Inc.: Link to
I was also tight with Hunter S Thompson, so I've known writers and journalists most of my life.
Xeni Jardin is a sweetheart and a good person to follow on Twitter. One of my favorite humans;)
Given your fearlessness regarding third rail subjects and your passion for social justice issues - do you have any documentary projects planned or see them as a part of your filmmaking future? Yes working on some idea with trevor timm..
How many games will the Cubs win this year? 85? I'm hoping..
What book or movie do you find inspiring? Right now, I'm very into Edward Dahlberg.
How long have you known Daniel Ellsberg ? It's been my great pleasure to learn from Dan and become his friend ever since we started FPF a year and a half ago.
Do you believe in conspiracies? I know you are political but I wonder about your conspiracy views. I believe in these types -- open conspiracies to smear patriot whistleblowers and criminalize journalism Link to
Can you talk about the movie Identity- were you aware of the entire premise the whole time, or was it a surprise at all? Any thoughts or recollections you wish to share would be appreciated! Also a huge fan of 1408 and many of your other works. Which comic book hero would you want to play in an Avengers style film? What role would you want in a Star Wars film? Great director producer cast was fun i loved making it.
By "Edward Snowden just joined our board." You mean what exactly? Have you been in communication with him and has he actually been helping with the Freedom of the Press Foundation or is he involved as a supporting name only? Sorry if my question is confusing. He's going to help us spread the gospel about journalists protecting their sources with encryption. No one knows better than him.
We will be communicating with him of course. Still have to figure out how to hold secure board meetings though...
Ed is very interested in building a broad based movement to restore and defend our civil liberties.. the 1st and the 4th Amendments are under siege, he knows this and has sacrificed so much for this. It will be an honer to work with him.
Have you ever thought about entering the political scene ?. You could be one of the few that is not corrupted. Fpf is political.. im working on it now not as an elected official
Are we gonna see you at any Cubs games this year? As many as I can.
How did you feel about The Jack Bull? I really enjoyed it. I loved it. My dad wrote it, so was a very special film for me.
Considering you're here to promote freedom for journalists I was wondering what your thoughts on the work of reporters like Glenn Greenwald and Jeremy Scahill is? Glenn and Jeremy are both friends who I admire very much, and Glenn and I sit on the Freedom of the Press Foundation board together.
I think they exemplify what adversarial journalist should be as a check to power..
They understood as HST did--- that the root of all corruption comes for journalism adopting a clubby country club insider type relationship with the individuals and institutions they cover...that's bad for democracy.
Hi, John! Loved you in Hot Tub Time Machine. If you could go visit any point in human history, where/when would you go? I'll show you when we do the TV show.
Have you ever kept any of the props from your movies? If so, which ones? I have a few trinkets here and there but I'm not a collector type.. I love the idea but I seem to want to get rid of old stuff..
How was working with Scott Coffey? Terrific guy and a talented man...was so fun working with him. A real artist.
Where is the strangest place that someone has asked you for an autograph? Jail..
Pulled over for too many speeding tickets as a kid and they locked me up for a few hours. Was chained to a bench with a guy who wanted my autograph..
What was it like watching that Mustang drug through the watch tower in Con Air? Or was it a Stingray... Corvette
How do you feel about Noam Chomsky? One of the all time greats.. a leading tireless voice for morality ethics and intellectual honesty..a public intellectual of the highest order..
Were you really offered the part of Walter White on Breaking Bad? If so, do you regret your decision turning down the role? Never offered it but glad i didn't do it as the man who did was born to do it!
What was it that first sparked your interest in political issues, and more specifically fourth amendment policy? Additionally, how does one go about creating such an organization and making it successful? President Obama admits our system is not based on trust; but says in effect, “except me.” Trust me.. which is bullshit, even if it were true -- what about the next guy?
No, I don’t trust Obama, his NSA, private contractors the department of homeland security, the CIA, the Pentagon etc. with the power to collect all data at the source and to use this knowledge and power-- any more than GWB, or Hillary, or Chris Christie, or Rand Paul or you, or me... I wouldn’t trust myself with those temptations: to use such power secretly for my—“idealistic”—purposes, and to stay in office, and to satisfy all those who want me to do so.
Obama says that recent disclosures have not uncovered illegalities or abuses. This is legaleeze --the very collection and storage of this mass, indiscriminate, suspicion less surveillance data is a major abuse, a violation of the Fourth Amendment, no matter where it’s stored..
Might it be even further abused? as Dan Ellsberg says "Might water flow downhill?"
Just as the secret surveillance by FBI, CIA and NSA was under LBJ and Nixon was used against the civil rights and antiwar movements? Obama assures us that his subordinates in the intelligence community are sensitive to the possibilities of abuse. “After all, the folks at NSA and other intelligence agencies are our neighbors. They're our friends and family. They’ve got electronic bank and medical records like everybody else. They have kids on Facebook and Instagram…”
Were not the FBI special agents who conducted COINTELPRO—suggesting suicide to Martin Luther King, Jr. to avoid their leaking their warrantless tapes of his sex life, or setting up the police murder of Fred Hampton—any less good family men than our neighbors and friends in NSA?
J. Edgar Hoover was one of the most popular and trusted of officials. And why? Because he controlled information and his press image and had freedom from Congressional investigation by his blackmail power, based on his surveillance and personal files. Presidents, on all of whom he had blackmail leverage, were afraid to force him to resign.
Do you still keep in contact with Cameron Crowe? You still had chemistry whem you did the Say Anything commentary and would like to see you two working together again. Yes saw cameron not to long ago had a ball with him would love to work with him again
John, how do I get back my Great White Buffalo? Dream another dream brother
Hey John thanks for taking the time to do this AMA. How was it working on Love & Mercy? What was it like to meet Brian Wilson? Majic all around.. he such a wonderful man.. really hjonered to get to know him and his wife.. very excited about the film
If you could only pick one movie that you have starred in; which movie would you suggest to a stranger to see? Why would that be the one that you choose? Depends on you mood
Hey John, Thoughts on the movie, "The Butler"? Loved playing Nixon especially as i was getting to know and work with Daniel Ellsberg!
I'm a starting journalist, what rocks should I turn over? All
How tall are you, actually? 62 ish.
Are you sure you're not doing graffiti? Yup.
Is Kate Beckinsale as hot in real life as she is in the movies? She's a stunner, no doubt
Don't listen to him Mr. Cusack; I think he might be Satan. Or the raggedy man
The difference is that he's not obviously for or against any one party. You can speak poorly of the Obama administration, you just need to use specifics and can't say "abuse of power using the Constitution as toilet paper" etc... Lets start with the checks and balances and the hustle there--The secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, which approves the government's requests for phone logs and other metadata, is a "kangaroo court" that has been "used and abused since the tragedy of 9/11 … to spy on perhaps every human being on the planet.
On civil liberties and surveillance, On these issues, we have had the fourth term of Bush/Cheney.
I don't know if this will get answered...but there is an interview of JC with Howard Stern that you can find on youtube where he answers this question in depth. Yeah I'm good.. Don't regret movies.
John I have nothing to ask but would like to say I am a fan and enjoy your acting. I hope your IAMA goes well. Oh, I particularly like the encryption for journalists! Many thanks! I just put up $5,000 in matching funds to support these great encryption tools for journalists. If you want to help, you can go here: Link to
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