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Cermat Memilih Situs Judi Online Terbesar

2018.06.27 12:34 anastaciaputri Cermat Memilih Situs Judi Online Terbesar

Cermat Memilih Situs Judi Online Terbesar
Cermat Memilih Situs Judi Online Terbesar
Menemukan situs judi online terbesar di indonesia mungkin bukan hal yang terlalu sulit untuk dilakukan di masa sekarang terlebih dengan kecanggihan teknologi informasi yang ada seperti jaman sekarang ini . Namun demikian , Tentu bukan hanya memilih situs judi online terbesar mana yang layal anda pilih , Namun yang lebih penting adalah bagaimana menemukan situs situs judi yang memiliki kualitas terbaik dan terpercaya sehingga bermain judi online pun terasa lebih menyenangkan dan sangat aman sehingga tidak takut untuk bertaruh judi online .
Sebagaimana yang terjadi saat ini dimana peminat permainan taruhan online semakin hari semakin meningkat yang dimana hal ini tentu memberikan kesempatan bagi banyak orang untuk meraup keuntungan melalui penyediaan situs situs judi online dengan beragam fasilitas dan pelayanan yang di tawarkan . Dan kinipun semakin banyak pula situs situs judi online penipu yang bisa membuat para member mengalami kerugian yang besar .
Untuk menikmati keseruan bermain taruhan secara online , Langkah pertama yang perlu di lakukan adalah dengan mendaftar pada sebuah situs judi online yang terbaik dan terpercaya . Dengan menjadi member , Anda berkesempatan untuk mendapatkan akses ke sejumlah link permainan taruhan yang anda inginkan . Inilah sebabnya mengapa ketika anda memang ingin menikmati seru dan asiknya bermain dan bertaruh judi online maka anda sebaiknya bisa memilih situs judi online terbesar sekaligus terbaik untuk untuk kenyamanan dan keamanan anda saat bermain .
Tidak semua situs yang terkenal dan mendapatkan posisi pertama di halaman utama mesin pencari merupakan situs yang bisa diandalkan karena untuk mencapai peringkat atas pada mesin pencaripun ada banyak strategi dan taktik yang bisa diaplikasikan termasuk cara cara yang curang . Untuk memastikan anda mendapatkan pilihan yang tepat maka cara yang paling aman tentu dengan menggali informasi sebanyak banyaknya sebelum memutuskan untuk bergabung ke salah satu situs judi online yang tersedia .
Kriteria Situs Judi Online Terbesar Dan Terbaik
Banyaknya situs judi online yang tersedia saat ini , Menemukan pilihan situs judi online terbesar dan terbaik pastinya akan membawa lebih banyak keuntungan bagi anda . Dengan memilih situs judi yang memiliki popularitas tinggi pastinya akan semakin membuka kesempatan bagi anda untuk bisa memenangkan taurhan dalam jumlah yang semakin besar . Namun , Di sisi lain , Anda tentu juga harus tetap memperhatikan bagaimana kualitas pelayanannya . Jangan sampai anda terkecoh dan memilih situs judi online yang salah dan nantinya membawa anda pada kerugian dalam jumlah yang besar . Berikut ini ada beberapa kriteria yang hendaknya anda perhatikan ketika anda memilih situs judi online yang terpercaya dan terbesar untuk menikmati serunya bermain taruhan online .
* Pertama , Anda sebaiknya memperhatikan bagaimana tampilan dari situs judi online terbesar yang anda temukan . Situs judi terpercaya biasanya memiliki tampilan yang rapi dan profesional dimana berbagai kolom ataupun panel yang tersedia pada situs tersebut tak membingungkan bagi para pengunjung . Sebaiknya , Situs situs judi palsu dan penipu seringkali memiliki tampilan situs yang cenderung asal karena memang sebagian besar situs situs tersebut hanya digunakan sebagia formaliutas saja untuk mengelabui para calon korbannya . Inilah mengapa anda sebaiknya tak memandang remeh soal tampilan dari suatu situs karena semakin bagus pengelolaan dan penataannya , Hal ini juga menunjukkan semakin tinggi profesionalitas dari pelayanan situs tersebut .
* Kedua , Situs judi online terbaik adalah yang mampu memberikan informasi selengkapnya dan sedetailnya bagi para pengunjung . Tak hanya itu saja , Informasi yang selalu update pun menjadi hal yang penting untuk diperhatikan mulai dari informasi tentang permainan judi terbaru , peraturan permainan , hasil taruhan , ataupun lainnya . Dengan semakin detail, lengkap, dan up to date berita atau informasi yang di berikan maka hal ini bisa menunjukkan bahwa situs tersebut memang bertanggung jawab .
* Ketiga , Tentu saja ketika anda ingin mencari situs judi terbaik . Maka anda pun sebaiknya tak luput untuk memperhatikan bagaimana pelayanan , fasilitas , serta firut firut yang di tawarkan oleh situs tersebut . Anda sebaiknya tak mudah tergiur dengan penawaran keuntungan ataupun bonus yang berlebihan ketika ternyata pelayanan situs tersebut tidak memuaskan .
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2013.11.29 18:14 tabledresser [Table] IamA We are The Wirecutter, a group of writers who've been researching and reviewing gadgets for years. We want to help you make the right deals decisions this Black Friday. AUA.

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Date: 2013-11-29
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Best website on the internet. Drives my girlfriend crazy that I try to only buy your recommendations when possible. We're working on updates to our router sections. Top men are on it. That's still a great router (I own it), but Dong Ngo at CNet prefers the new RT-AC68U, and Mike Brown prefers the Netgear Nighthawk (but hasn't reviewed the AC68U yet).
Is the Asus ac66 still the best step up router? Will it ever go on sale? Should I save $50 and go with the n66? I'd definitely get an AC router over an N router. It's faster, even on N-only devices, and more and more laptops and smartphones have wireless-AC.
TOP. MEN. Exactly.
Lots of Mac users swear by OWC SSD drives, and they get fantastic reviews. But Wirecutter is always recommending the Samsung drives, which cost significantly less. Have you guys tested OWC drives and would I notice any difference with the step up to OWC? OWC drives are generally solid rebadges of other peoples' controllers/NAND. The ones you linked are SandForce SF-2281-based, I think. I'd pick the Samsung drives over those; they'll be faster in day-to-day use. You probably won't notice a difference in the real world.
These benchmarks are a bit old, but based on the tests Anandtech did on some OWC drives a year ago, there are a lot of faster SSDs out there. Including our favorite, the Samsung 840 EVO. Benchmarks on it here.
Ps4 or Xbox one? Depends.
We've never written about either and we're not going to make a recommendation, as Brian Lam says, "just to sound smart." Plenty of gaming sites making those choices, you should check them out.
As for deals on either - good luck with that. Lots of deals on the games. Amazon has games on both consoles marked down to $49. The consoles themselves the best you can hope for is a good bundle or two. Kotaku Moneysaver is a good place to go for gaming deals, I think.
Within my work, there's a lot of demand for gadgets involving optics: things like binoculars and spotting scopes, for example. Oh hey, it's a reddit celebrity!
I'm a field biologist and there's lots of reviews for birding enthusiasts and such, as well as survival experts and people like that, but I think a lot of the actual electronic tech expertise goes out the window in reviews like that. We've done a bit of work on lenses, but those are mostly broad based lens recommendations for people to pick up with their new cameras. And there is a binoculars recommendation. None of those are super scientific — with lenses especially it's a category where there are a lot of people doing really excellent work already, so there's not as much of a need for us to spend all day looking at Gretag Macbeth color charts, or things like that.
Have you guys done reviews on binocular optics, camera lenses or scopes, or would you consider doing so? I know you've done camera reviews, but to see one that's focused on performance under duress would be great! But if you want to delve into the technical side of camera lenses, the best places are probably DxOMark's lens reviews, and the LensRentals Blog. The latter especially is fascinating stuff, and Roger Cicala digs up some really interesting info. His recent piece on "in spec" lenses in particular was intriguing.
How strange. I didn't really know you guys existed until I tried to find a decent ballpoint pen yesterday. That piece is nuts. thanks for reading.
Thanks for that, coincidences eh? Hey, glad you liked the piece! That one was a ton of fun to put together!
I'm something of a closet stationery fan. An unfortunate thing for a left-hander to be... That was one of the big reasons we went with the Jetstream — dries fast and is good for lefties.
Yah, as a left-hander myself I guess I'm more of a stationary-hater.
Do you love or hate Black Friday? How do you feel about stores opening on Thanksgiving Day? I accept Black Friday. And avoid places of commerce in physical reality on black friday.
Personally, I'm not a fan. I think many of the deals are utterly crap (hence why we're doing this), and it's taken one of the holidays where you don't need to buy anything that you're not going to eat, and transformed it into another excuse for shopping.
I like the idea (of Black Friday, not of stores opening on Thanksgiving!) but so many deals are BS and people just don't know. You can get some great stuff at good prices, but most prices just arent. More info.
I grew up with Black Friday shopping as a family tradition, though, so I'm blind to the consumerism.
If you're fortunate enough to be able to spend Thanksgiving with your loved ones, you should do that, instead of going to a store.
I don't understand Black Friday. In my experience, all the best deals are online anyway. We've been researching deals the last two weeks and haven't found anything in the tech world that's cheaper in-store than it is online, really. Not the good stuff. Just bad stuff.
love offered to take me back. Is this a good deal? How did it end? how long has it been? still in love? usually no, but blanket statements can be dangerous.
So I'm at work last week and a new girl comes in and asks if I have a date yet to the company holiday party. It hadn't even crossed my mind yet, and why would she ask me that? A few minutes later another coworker comes in and I'm telling him about my sick ass purple potatoes that I make. The same chick says, I want to have some of your cooking. And I say, play your cards right and you just might. So as I'm thinking more about it I figure what the hell? I'll ask if she wants to go with me. So I do, and she says, "I don't even know of I want to go. I don't know anybody. I'll think about it." I heard from another coworker that she for want to go but "doesn't have a date". She also failed to mention that I asked her. Should I bother pursuing this more, or just let it go already? Should I bother pursuing this or just let it go? What course of action will you regret less in 5 years time?
Thanks for doing this guys. I don't have any deals that I need a BS detector for at the moment, but what are a couple of the most incredible Black Friday deals you've seen today that simply can't be ignored? For TVs, this one is pretty great because it was already a great TV and now it's really cheap. Plus, TVs are one of the hardest things to sift through the crap on Black Friday: Link to
For Tablets, Staples is doing great things for the Nexus 7 (down to $179 with their $50 off, plus they'll price-match Walmart's decreased price and THEN add the $50 off according to a couple of our readers).
Edit: Also HTC One and Moto X have been going for 1 cent on Amazon, great deals on great phones. I know the HTC One will last through Cyber Monday but the Moto X has been fluctuating.
I am a tremendous fan of what you guys do. Thanks for existing. Can we expect a review of iPad Air cases soon? I've held off of buying one in anticipation of your recommendation. Very soon. We had to wait for some to come out.
I just found out about you guys and you seem cool. No, it's not. Don't know what you have available to you in your neck of the woods, but if you can buy online then you are participating in Black Friday these days. Amazon, Walmart and other online retailers are usually pretty good at price-matching any deals they see. And often are much better.
Here's my question. Since I don't live in America and can't experience Black Friday, is it really that of a big deal? Thanks for doing this! No. It is shopping with more people than usual. You'll find good deals on stuff year-round, they're just consolidated today.
I was really hoping the Panasonic ST60 would go on sale (especially considering they're halting production on plasma TVs), but no dice thus far. How do you guys feel about Samsung LED TVs? Specifically, something like this: Link to I haven't reviewed the F5500, but I did review the F7100 and the major issue I had on it was the viewing cone is very narrow. Move up or down much at all, or to the left and right, and you get big shifts in image quality. Dead on it was nice, but if you have a large group of people watching the viewing angles come in way behind a plasma.
I would like to piggy back on this. My parents wanted my feedback on what TV they should buy to last them the rest of their life (they're 60 & 62). The ST60 seems to be universally loved, they don't need 4K or anything, is there anything coming down the pike that would make holding off worthwhile? Or should I just tell them to buy the ST60 and not look back? Buy now, don't look back (I don't have flair but I do work for Wirecutter. Here's my twitter where I mention that). This is literally the best reviewed TV of all time and Panasonic is ceasing production of plasmas in 2014 so, as Geoff Morrison told me (paraphrasing): It will be a long time before any other technology gets to the point where you can buy something this good for this little money.
What is your guys opinion on googles Chromecast? The reviews I have seen all said positive things about it. How do they compare to a Roku or Apple TV? It's pretty limited right now, but support is growing. The deal killer to me is not being able to use it without my phone or tablet, so my wife and I can't sit down to watch something on it with only a universal remote. That's making the system too complex IMO.
However, for mirroring a web browser it does that cheaper than anything else, and support is growing. I bought one just to stream HBO Go because the Roku won't allow it over Comcast. I'd still get the Roku (or Apple TV if I have iOS devices and buy from the Apple Store) but the Chromecast is steadily improving.
I think it's limited in its functionality, and the screen mirroring feature didn't work really well when I tried it at launch (updates may have improved it by now.) But for a cheap way to get streaming video on your TV, it does its thing. And you can get one for $25 right now, which is damn cheap.
How does everyone feel about life proof? Mine has saved my phone a hundred times. We go into a lot of detail on the Lifeproof in our article on waterproof cases. Used to be a recommendation. Isn't anymore. Don't include water damage insurance into the cost and don't seal out water as well is the basics of why we think our main rec is better.
I got your back. I live in hawaii and test these cases while diving, snorkeling, surfing, and swimming open water. what's your use case scenario?
Fitness Trackers! I was thinking of the Fitbit Force (it's the flex with a screen and altimeter), but you guys haven't reviewed it yet. Also, a quick search hasn't been revealing any deals (except for bundling gift cards, which I hate). Any thoughts + leads? We're messing with the Force right now. Not ready to update our article yet because we still have some concerns we want to iron out.
As for deals on it, yah I haven't seen much. I had it on the deals page recently cause LivingSocial had a Brookstone gift card on sale, and they sell the Force. So that would've brought it down to about $100. Other than that, nothing has crossed my path unfortunately.
But as the Force catches on, the Fitbit One is gonna get cheaper. So if you want a deal that might be where to look.
Edit: Someone emailed us this deal just now, you can get the Force at Walgreens for $98 but you'll have to pre-order and use a coupon code and stuff. Might be some hoops to jump through, but thought you might be interested: Link to
Thoughts on Sonos? Sonos is fantastic. If you want music all over your house it can't be beat. If you only want music in a single froom from a smartphone or tablet, then consider an Airplay or Bluetooth speaker. I love the Sonos system, though, and that article is being worked on now.
Okay, Best Buy is offering an Apple iPad 2 with Wi-Fi, 16 GB, for $299.99. Source. Is that a good deal? It's a good price on the iPad 2. But... it's the iPad 2. It's three generations behind. If it's the best you can afford, I suppose go for it... but you can get the iPad Air at Target for $479 plus a $100 gift card (assuming they aren't sold out by now). That's $80 more for the top of the line. And if not that, get the new iPad Mini for $399 straight from Apple.
That other commenter, Tuz, makes a great point. The iPad 2 is not going to support newer versions of the OS. Wish I had thought of that. Heh, but that's definitely a huge reason to not get this.
Screw the ipad 2.
Thanks for all you guys do! The Sweet Home is my favorite. Can you give any recommendations on the best kind of cast iron pan? Lodge is cheap and good. It'll do the job but don't believe "pre-seasoned," do it yourself. Or take your grandmothers old, seasoned pan.
Is there a huge difference in the performance of the new and old gen Kindle Fires? Seeing as Amazon are selling their older model at a reduced price: Old vs New (Although with a £20 difference I might just go for the new model) For the Fire, the price difference between the old one and the new Fire HD doesn't make it worth it to go with the old one. The new model has much improved internals and will last a good bit longer. What she wants to do with it makes more of a difference on if the Fire is the best tablet. Does she get all of her content from Amazon? Does she have Prime? She'll be locked out of the Google Play store, so content from them won't be available. She also can't get apps that Amazon doesn't allow. So no Instagram, no Dropbox, etc... Your choice is really between a Kindle Fire HDX or a Nexus 7. I think the choice here comes down to knowing the person you're giving the tablet to. Is he pretty tech-savvy, or will he want to do a lot of things with his tablet? Go Nexus 7. Is he going to want a simpler UI, and mostly just read books/watch video? Does he shop a lot on Amazon? Kindle Fire's great for that.
Where is the best deal for a GoPro 3+? I've seen a couple of GoPro deals, but nothing on the 3+ unfortunately.
Walmart has the GoPro Hero 3 White for $200, and you get a $30 Walmart card with it. Overstock has it for $180.
Best Buy has a Hero 3 Black for $250.
Cabela's (who I've never heard of before), has the Hero 3 Black "Adventure Edition" for $280. (EDIT: OK guys, Cabela's are awesome and famous and the best if you're into outdoorsy stuff! My apologies for not knowing of them.)
Amazon was having a doorbuster for the Hero 3 black, but I think it's sold out...
Sports Authority is selling the Hero 3+ for $400, which is street price, but are throwing in 25% off accessories. Which is pretty meh to me.
Cabela's is a major player in outdoor and sportsmans gear. Hunting, camping, fishing, etc. Definitely not a fly by night that you should look askance at. Oh hey, that's awesome. I just personally hadn't heard of/dealt with them before, because I'm not much of an outdoors guy. But good to know, and thanks for the clarification.
Hey Wirecutter staff! I love your site and recommend it to pretty much everyone I know. I came for the Markus recommendation, and I stayed for four other purchases including my lovely Passport Ultra. I was wondering if you had recommendations for two items I'm considering. The first is a new set of headphones. I know you recommend the Bose QC20s, but I'm considering the Jaybird Bluebuds X because I do a lot of CrossFit and my current LG Tone 700s are wearing out. The second is a new iPhone 5S case. I know you recommend the Switcheasy, but you haven't offered any comments on the Lunatik Taktik Strike, whose looks I like and which carries a 20% discount today. Suggestions? And thanks for the AMA! To be clear, we only recommend those if you need their amazing noise canceling. They only sound good, not great. Definitely not great for $300 but putting them on makes everything absurdly silent.
Any relation to the stone cutters? We don't like to talk about that.
Hey, thanks for doing this, you guys have a great site! What do you make of the Panasonic 3D Projector for 1749$ after 550$ rebate? Link to I haven't used it so I can't comment directly on it, but it has nice reviews and that's a nice price. It is pushing 1.5-2 years old at this point and Panasonic hasn't replaced it which is probably why the price is being cut. That looks to be a pretty good deal, though.
Howdy fellas, thanks for doing this. I'm looking to invest in a decent pair of speakers, nothing too nice, maybe around $200 range. Can y'all point me in the best direction? Link to
They also have a floor-standing version with better bass response if you have the room for it. One of our editors has picked up a set for himself and is very happy with them as well.
Is it worth pulling the trigger on a Roku 2 from one of the places selling it for 60 bucks today? It looks like the lowest price that model has ever seen... As long as it's the new Roku 2, not the old one, emphatic yes. It's basically as good as the Roku 3, minus the motion-sensor on the control (worthless) and the Ethernet port.
Any easy way to tell them apart? Here's a comparison chart, but if you paste a link to the sale we'll check it out.
The old Roku 2s had model designators after the 2, e.g. Roku 2 HD, XS, XD. This one's just Roku 2.
New one has dual-band Wi-Fi and 1080p capability, and no Ethernet.
Link to Yep, that's the new one. It's a good price. Not unique to Best Buy, but that's a great product.
Best Buy for example. That looks to be the newest version of it (with the updated remote with quick keys). I usually wouldn't recommend the 2 since the price difference is only $20, but at $40 it's a good deal.
I have a question for Tim. Your recommended tripod looks good, but do you have a recommendation for a head that’s Arca-Swiss compatible? Hmmm...tripods are a surprisingly tricky thing to dig into. Turns out there aren't many tripod experts out there, and I had a devil of a time tracking down people to talk to for that piece. But I digress...
Anyway, if you want to stay first party, I believe the Vanguard BBH ball heads are Arca compatible.
Otherwise, head mounts are standardized to the best of my knowledge, so any Arca Swiss compatible head would do. I don't know any recs off the top of my head (almost no one reviews tripod heads, so not a lot of info out there), but there are some very respectable brands that offer Arca-compatible heads. Giotto's has some reasonable looking ones, and likewise Induro.
Then, what's your view on the fact that workers' conditions get ignored by tech journalists? The devastating impacts of production are rarely if ever covered by the tech media.. and reviews call products "miraculous" ignoring how they came to be. As we push for the best deals, we also withhold money from the people who make gadgets, and push for cheaper procedures/factories with less control and oversight to be afforded. So, what's your view on this? I started this site to be choosy and low churn and not be a part of the madness that is the cycle of consumerism propagated between the tech press and tech manufacturers. And to support some work I do (feature writing on the ocean) that can't really support itself. In some ways I think we've got it right, judging by the amount of love we get from readers and time we save them.
I'm still guilty in some regards, though. The bottom line is that I've still created something that is about promoting the purchasing of items. That's never going to change. I rest easier knowing that we'll never get into long tail junk that no one needs, and that we can focus on things people will like and feel more satisfied with (basic tools and gadgets) but avoid the random junk. Remembering that contradiction has always been a really important grounding factor in my life and work and has kept us mindful as we research and write our guides.
As we grow I intend to try to do the right thing for readers, and my writers and editors, but increasingly, as we have the ability, I'm going to try to do things that are bigger picture. Like donate funds earned from our emergency gear guide to doctors without borders, and to try and consider factory conditions when we have good data on those conditions, as well as recommend BIFL gear and provide long term test notes. I"d also like to get into repairability ratings with ifixit's help and to consider the amount of conflict minerals inside of each device. But one thing at a time, step by step. We have a long list of things to improve on. Thank you for your thoughtful comment and question.
I'm looking for good deals on Canon lenses for my new 70D, any suggestions? The Sigma 24-70mm is at $750. It usually floats around the $800 mark, and once briefly dropped below $700.
The Canon 10-22 is going for $530 on Amazon, which is the lowest its ever been.
Most of the deals I've seen otherwise have been around the 10% off mark, which hardly seems worth the effort.
Hey guys: please don't use amazon referrals or any link shortener; Reddit's spam filter will automatically delete your comment. I've approved this one for now, but don't do it in the future. Oh jeez, had no idea. Will make sure not to do that in the future!
@karmanaut we just reminded all our writers to avoid this. for some it is habit as affiliate is how we support our research and pay our writers, who are expensive because we don't employ those with no knowledge or experience. But we knew it would be a no-no in this AMA. Thank you for the tolerance.
I bought the Samsung 51" plasma earlier in the week based off your recommendation. I sit about 7' - 9' away from the TV... am I going to regret not spending the extra $100 to bump up to the PN51F5300 to get 1080p? Link to
That said, you'd need to have a 1080p set sitting next to it to even notice the difference. I did 720p vs 1080p testing for the Small TV guide this month and unless you have the two sets on, side-by-side, with identical content you won't really notice. Especially if you're playing anything besides a Blu-ray disc because you're being limited by the quality of the video stream, not your TV at that point.
Having an accurate image will be much more important than the extra resolution, and Geoff Morrison measured the one you bought and says it performs well. I have no idea about how the step-up F5300 performs.
Link to Better on-screen interface and control - Much better stand (more adjustments, etc...) - Great image quality.
I work from home about once every week or two (plus weekends) and could use a monitor for the laptop. Is this any good? Looking for sub 200 and 22.5" or bigger if possible. I'd look at their U2312HM which is $180 and also has an integrated USB Hub which is nice.
Was this deal really that big a deal especially given that the TV was 60 Hz ?? I try to be really nice about other deals sites because I scan them frequently and often they get lucky. But no, this wasn't a big deal. It's a bad deal. It's one of the many bad deals on TVs we've seen this year. We like some Vizio stuff, like the smaller TV we recommend, but their TVs are overall pretty inconsistent. Geoff Morrison should be around later to talk about TVs, but when I asked him specifically about this deal that's what he told me. They're not consistant and can be really bad.
Do you know of any current or forthcoming deals on the Panasonic Viera ST60 or should I just bite the bullet and buy it full-price? And thank you for the awesome site. I haven't seen any deals on the ST60, but don't wait too long to buy. Production stops December 31.
What's the best laptop for a medium-sized gamer; I play League of Legends and a couple of other games for about 3-4 hours every day, and I'm 16. What's the best (ONLINE) priced / most effective laptop? Sure you don't want a desktop? 3-4 hours a day. (Sorry, as a PC gamer, I have to ask. Gaming laptops makes me sad.)
Nathan's recommendations in the best gaming laptop article that EtherDais linked are going to give you the best advice. League of Legends isn't a particularly demanding game, though--you might consider getting a good all-around laptop that will be lighter and much more portable. It should still be able to run LoL on medium settings no problem.
Best tablet for $100 or less. What say you? $100 is really cheap, so you'll probably have to buy an older model. Even the 2012 Kindle Fire HD is $140 on Amazon right now.
You can get the new Nexus 7 (16GB) for about $180 online. That's a good deal, if you can spend that much.
I have a high end stereo audio setup for my TV, inherited from my audiophile father in law: Two Sonus Faber Grand Piano speakers connected to a Rotel RSX-1065 receiver. The Rotel died recently. It powers on, but no sound comes out. Multimeter shows nothing being output. Should I repair the Rotel (~$300)? Is the Sony receiver in the deal guide a good fit here? I'm comfortable going higher end if that's advised but obviously don't need to blow extra bucks. My apartment is fairly small so adding surround speakers doesn't seem like that big a deal. Your thoughts? I wouldn't use a cheap receiver with those Sonus speakers. Many of the bargain receivers have very stripped-down power supplies so they deliver their rated power only into 1 channel, only at 1 kHz, at 6 ohms, etc., etc. It's really gotten bad. With Rotel you have some promise of decent quality.
What are your recommendations for a projector for use in a living room? I'm caught between dropping around $600 for a Plasma or getting a projector. Is it worth getting one under $1000? I'm a big fan of the BenQ W1070 that is our pick for a cheap projector. It's really bright so even if you have a little bit of light in the room you'll still be OK.
Link to
I had my whole family over to watch a movie on it and they all thought it looked fantastic. It's really nice for the money and provides a much different experience than the plasma. If you want to have light in the room, the you'll want the plasma, though.
Another option is the BenQ W1080ST. It has a short-throw lens, so you can place it right up close to the wall compared to the W1070. If you want to keep it stored away most of the time and only pull it out for watching, then it works better.
What's a good pair of noise canceling headphones that are relatively cheap (<$150)? Thanks! In ear: Link to over ear: Link to Scroll down and we have budget picks in both cases.
We just updated our piece! The Bose are the best, but $300. There are two excellent options for $25 and $35: Link to
I was dead set on the Yamaha v375 after I read your article here, but yesterday Amazon had the v673 for $299, and I pulled the trigger, despite it having network features I'll probably never utilize. Did I make the right choice? I'd say so. If there is a great deal on a prior-year model (like with the Onkyo products) then it's good to pick one up as there were no major change with HDMI or anything else to worry about. I just can't recommend it as a main pick when they might all be gone the next day but I suggest them at the end of the piece.
Also worth noting that unlike almost every other category, receivers are actually worse and more expensive than last year's models. we mentioned that in our guide.
Well, if you bought something that was more expensive because of features you'll never use you sort of answered your own question, right?
But $299 is the best price the v673 has ever been, which is a good deal. So if you're happy, I'm happy.
Contemplating a pebble smart watch to pair with my iPhone. Any opinions on it? Or is it something I should hold off on until their is more on the market? We say wait. Pebble's the best bet (and the most recent firmware update is an improvement), but they're all still mediocre.
What's your opinion of the Sony A65? Is there anything else at that price point that's a better deal? Ooh, good question. It kinda falls into a gap in what we look at, because it's more expensive than an entry-level SLR, but not at the same level as a mid-range. The same thing happens with the likes of the Nikon D5xxx and that lot.
Personally, I'm not a huge fan of the Sony SLT-range's electronic viewfinders. Honestly, an optical viewfinder is one of the few things that I dramatically prefer from an SLR vs mirrorless cameras, and I'm more or less of the opinion that if you're going to have an EVF anyway, you might as well get a mirrorless camera, and save yourself on the weight, too.
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